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Cassina Designer Furniture


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Cassina is one of the most renowned manufacturers of classic designer furniture in the world. Its specialist skills in wood and leatherworking and with precious metals have earned it an enviable reputation not only for flawless manufacture but also freethinking, uncomprimising design. Cassina has the fundamental objective of the producing the highest quality products; achieved through the fusion of cutting edge industrial technology and true artisan craftwork, along with continuous in-house product development and research. Influences from different cultures are welcomed, and experimental materials and styles relished.

Many Cassina pieces were considered futuristic when introduced - some almost disconcerting. Time has indeed shown them to be true design classics and celebrates the company's farsightedness.

Cassina - a Brand History

Established in 1927, Cassina has been involved in setting the standard in furniture for nearly 85 years. The company revolutionised the way in which designers and architects worked by encouraging them to envision fresh designs and, more importantly, turn them into reality. Cassina took the core values associated with handcraftsmanship and utilised them in serial production, allowing them to work efficiently with designers. Since that time, Cassina has relied heavily on research, and has shown an impressive ability to spark dialogues between the most respected designers and architects of the last two centuries. The resulting Cassina piece is the culmination of a mesh of stimulating ideas from creative spirits all with diverse sensibilities and styles.

Cassina preserves its longstanding passion for craftsmanship, which is renowned worldwide, and is still the fundamental aspect around which most of its designs are centred. Though of course the production facilities in the Cassina factory are to an industrial scale, there is still dedicated space for handcraftsmanship - wood, metal leather and fabrics are all worked, albeit with sophisticated machinery - and it is the manual skill of the craftsman that still drives each of the production stages.

Since the company was founded, it has placed great emphasis on identifying a market potential for a design and lifestyle compatability, and on constant research and testing. Experiments in new materials and structural technology, always as part of the consideration for the function of each piece, has freed Cassina from the normal constraints of furniture - indeed, during the 1960s, Cassina developed the capabilities of plastics and injected materials and their application in furniture design and manufacture.

Quality - the Fundamental Aspect of Cassina Furniture

The quality of a piece of Cassina furniture is self evident; the high standard of manufacture owes much to the origins of the company. The carpentry department - the traditional heart of Cassina - is still the hub of the production wheel. Organised into small teams, craftsmen work with wood with such skill that glue is barely need in the construction of the furniture due to the accuracy of joints. The exemplary quality of the material is key to this also.

The different woods are chosen at source, then distributed in the factory according to how they are going to be used. They are then put to use with genuine mastery in a way that makes use of their strengths and characteristics. The high material standards are something that Cassina regards as a worthwhile investment in the quality of the finished piece.

The in-house testing workshop ensures conformity to UNI regulations, and an overall excellence in build quality.

LC1 Chair

Design: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand

One of the more recognisable pieces in the collection, the LC1 still looks as fresh today as it did when it was launched in 1929. The reclining back provides continuous comfort and support through different working positions. The arms, comprised of two solid leather straps, can rotate around the metal uprights. The frame is either polished chrome plated or matt black enamelled steel, and the seat and back are finished in ponyskin or cownskin (both with black leather arms), Russian red leather with matching arms, and black leather with matching arms.

LC2 Seating

Design: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanerret, Charlotte Perriand

Le Corbusier originally created this piece in 1928, for the Salon d'Automne - it has since become one of the most enduring and indeed emulated furniture designs. The Le Corbusier LC2 comes as either an ottoman, armchair two seater sofa or three seater sofa, and is available with polished chrome plated or glossy basalt, grey, light blue, green, bordeaux and ochre, or matte black enamel steel frame.

LC4 Chaise Longue
Design: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand

First introduced in 1928, the Cassina LC4 is, in the words of Le Corbusier himself, ‘a relaxing machine’. Comprising two seperate elements - the base and the seat - the chaise longue was designed in such a way that the seat can slide along the base to offer an infinite number of seating positions. The form mirrors the body's natural curve while ‘floating’ above the supports.

The frame is finished in either polished chrome, or matt black enamel, with a matt black enamel steel base. The seat mat is finished in ponyskin or cowskin with a black leather headrest, black leather with black leather headrest or special beige canvas (natural, dark brown or black headrest and footrest).

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