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Bugs May Really Be Hiding in Your Bed and Mattress?


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Your bed and mattress are home to all varieties of minuscule creatures. They feed off of your blood while you sleep.

These organisms include bed bugs, dust mites, and other tiny organisms. You've likely heard horror stories about these organisms. They're most likely true too. These organisms can negatively affect your health too.

Thanks to these organisms’ weight and that of their excrement, your mattress can even double in weight over the course of a few years. However, you should know that these claims haven't been proven scientifically though.

In any case, it's important that you think about the things that could be dwelling in your mattress and take action if necessary. Here is a look at a number of of the ways you can deal with this possible problem.

Things to look for to see if you have a problem with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a common trouble , and are simple to diagnose once you know how to. Bed bugs are barely perceptible to the naked eye, but you will be able to see droppings, bloodstains and traces of their bodies. You should look in the corners and crevices of mattresses since these clues will be more evident there.

You will need to take drastic action once you have detected a drawback with bed bugs. You will need to rinse all bedding in hot water and vacuum around the bed completely. You may even need to resort to replacing the mattress entirely. There are a few natural remedies; but you might also want to call an exterminator to verify the trouble is completely taken care of.

Mattress care 101

Tips for proper mattress care include:

1) Getting rid of your bed and mattress every few years: It is recommended that everyone substitute their mattress once it's five to ten years old. You might get longer use out of your bed if you invest in a luxury mattress or top-of-the-line bed. Some mattress guarantee’s cover up to 25 years!

2) Keeping up a uncontaminated bed and mattress : You will need to care for your mattress properly if you want organisms to stay out. You will need to vacuum the bed frequently and flip it occasionally. You can launder all covers and linen in hot water since critical temperatures can exterminate dust mites.

3) Investing in special linens: Some linens are designed to repel dirt and dust mites, and are well worth investing in if you can afford it. These linens not only keep dust mites out, but also keep any that are already inside there.

You can be sure that your mattress and bed stays uncontaminated and safe by following a few of these basic steps. Fungi, bed bugs, and dust mites don't need to be allowed to share your bed. This article has provided you with a variety of information you can use to stay comfortable and safe.


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