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Taking a Deeper Look at Memory Foam Beds

Jackie Lee

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Did you know that the memory foam was first used in a spacecraft? It was used by NASA to protect the astronauts inside from the buildup of the G force during the liftoff process. The foam was specifically developed by NASA because it softens and conforms to the contour of the human body when exposed to heat and the weight of people. It acts like a cocoon that protects everyone aboard from the tremors and the astounding pressure of lift off.  

Memory foam is visco-elastic, which means when the astronauts are no longer in contact with the foam, it will return to its original shape. The name, memory foam, was actually derived from the foam's viscosity. Just like a liquid, the foam takes on the shape of what is on it, and then returns to its original shape when pressure is relieved.  

From the Space to Your Homes 

What NASA developed for space was not actually used, but it was well suited to fill people's cravings for a good night's sleep. If you have every slept on a bed that was too hard, or too soft you know the feeling of waking up after sleeping all night and still feeling tired.  This happens from tossing and turning to find a comfortable position during the night.  This is a problem that is all but alleviated when sleeping on memory foam beds.  

It can be difficult to find a bed that is comfortable and also fits in your budget. Even some of the high priced inner spring mattresses claim to be comfortable and give you a good night's rest, but after you get it home and sleep on it for a while you realize it is far from what you expected.  If you plan to buy a new bed, it might be wise to think in terms of a long term investment and spend the money on a bed that will last a lifetime and provide you with a very comfortable night's sleep.

This is the gap in the market memory foam beds were designed to fill. The bed will adjust to your weight, and all the nooks and crannies of your body, providing you with support throughout the night.  If you toss and turn during the night it will continue to conform to your body through every movement. You will end up waking in the morning feeling refreshed and rested.  

You can also have your memory foam mattress custom made by the factory. This is quite nice if you share your bed with someone who has a different level of comfort around the hardness or softness of the mattress.  You can have them put a different density of mattress on both sides of the mattress, so both you and your partner can have a perfect night's sleep.  

Memory foam beds have come a long way from NASA to our bedrooms.  Even though they were not originally designed for household use, we can thank NASA for doing the research that now allows us to sleep so comfortably.

Find out more about memory foam beds , and whether they are the right choice for your bedroom at memory foam beds information center.


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