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The Memory Foam Mattress - From Deep Space To Deep Sleep


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The first use of memory foam was not in a memory foam mattress; it was in a spacecraft. And it wasn’t there to help astronauts fall asleep; it was there to cocoon from the enormous buildup of G force they would undergo during liftoff. NASA came up with a special foam which, when exposed to the heat and weight of a human body, would soften and shape itself to the contours of that body, rather like clay shaping itself around a palm and showing the palm print.

Unlike clay, however, NASA’s visco-elastic memory foam had another trick. Once the astronauts removed the heat and weight of their bodies from it, it returned to its original shape, which it “remembered. ” It gets its visco-elastic name from its viscosity, the quality of liquid which allows it to support those floating in it.

How A Memory Foam Mattress Works

But how does NASA’s discovery translate to the experience of the average Joe trying to get a decent night’s sleep? Assuming that the Average Joe has an average mattress and box spring on his bed, AJ is trying to sleep on a surface which by its very nature is designed to put pressure on his weary bones and joints.

AJ may spent a good portion of his sleeping hours twisting and turning beneath the sheets, hoping to find a position satisfactory to all his body parts. If he fails, some of those body parts may end up bearing a disproportionate amount of weight, or forced into awkward positions, and complaining loudly when AJ awakens to face the day.

A soft traditional mattress does nothing to eliminate the problem; in fact, if it is too soft, it can cause a sagging spine and muscles which respond by tensing unnaturally to support said spine. A memory foam mattress , however, has all the difficulties covered. AJ can lie down, and in a few minutes his memory foam mattress will have warmed, softened, and shaped itself to support his every bump and curve. Even arthritics have sung the praises of the memory foam mattress.

The Memory Foam Mattress For Two

And what if Average Joe has a partner sharing his nighttime difficulties? And said partner likes a firm mattress while AJ prefers a less firm one? The memory foam mattress is up to the challenge. A memory foam mattress can be made with different densities of foam on each side to accommodate both sleepers.

And the stability of the memory foam mattress is such that the problem of two partners both rolling toward the middle of the bed is eliminated. They don’t have to end up entwined there unless, of course, they have their own reasons for doing so!

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