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Lora Davis

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The decision about pool design is not as simple as it sounds. It is necessary to consider such important factors as the environment, the available space, the people that will make use of it, the use, the maintenance and, of course, the budget for its construction. It is best to consult with a specialized technician or a company that can advise you on the pool design with a custom pool builders in Saucier.

Let's do a quick review on some important aspects to design and build a pool. The first important aspect to consider is the most popular types of structures:

- Workmanship: They are the most common for their high strength, durability and great attractiveness, thanks to the myriad of finishes they offer. They are usually made of concrete, concrete Gunita or a system of concrete formwork in blocks. Among their disadvantages, we have the time for their construction and the budget that is required.

- Prefabricated: They stand out for the rapidity of its installation (between 10 and 15 days) and its wide range of forms and finishes. In addition, they are quite cheaper than the workmanship, although not as durable and resistant as these. Among the disadvantages, we find that like the previous ones they need a movement of the soil (excavation) and that they can be discolored with the sun. Normally its walls and floor are of panels of PVC or fiberglass.

- Removable: Perfect for small spaces or for those who want a pool without having a big budget. They are made of durable materials, so that they can be assembled and dismantled whenever you want, quickly and easily. There are many models and prices, For all preferences and budgets. Among its disadvantages, we have that they are not as resistant as the workmanship and it can be lazy to assemble it.

Now let's review a little more about the materials most used for the construction of swimming pools:

- Concrete: it is one of the most common materials in the manufacture of swimming pools and some prefabricated for it installation. The concrete can be the classic casting, as retaining walls, although there is also the concrete of Gunita, armed and very resistant, projected at great pressure to avoid the joints. In addition, there are reinforced concrete formwork, very durable and resistant blocks, coated with PVC.

- Steel: it has been used a lot in the last years by its rapid installation (between 10 and 15 days) and its great resistance and durability, comparable to the one of the concrete.

- Wood: wooden pools can go on the ground or be medium. In any case, provide a rustic and homely image and, despite what may seem, are very resistant, although not as much as those of concrete or steel. They can be combined with a wooden deck which further enhances its appearance.

- Fiberglass: There are techniques to build prefabricated pools coated in this material. They are very economical and can be molded to the preference of each one.

- Aluminum, PVC tarpaulins and other materials: Aluminum is a lightweight material that holds the weight firmly. Because of this and because it is easy to assemble, it is one of the most used in the manufacture of removable swimming pools. Along with it, PVC tarpaulins and other lightweight and sturdy materials are perfect for these pools.

Regardless of pool design and materials, it is always advisable to hire a custom pool builders in Saucier , with experience to avoid surprises during and after the construction of the pool of the house.


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