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The Cost of Foundation Repair - Eight Variables that Affect Price

Neil Lemons

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There are several variables and situations that affect the cost of foundation repair for one's home. Several warning signs may present themselves giving the indication a house needs foundation repair. After the homeowner makes the connection, often he/she goes into panic mode and starts researching on the Internet ways to fix it on their own, do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) or starts calling companies for quotes from a local Internet search.

Many companies offer a “free quote" or estimate, but it is not as easy as the home owner may think coming up with that number. Don't ever trust a company that is able to give you a quote, site unseen, or has dollar figures in their ads. There will always be “hidden fees" or “unexpected project expenses. " If you are patient, you can get an accurate estimate by having an inspector come out to the property in question, which many companies offer for free.

Inspections and evaluations are the cost of doing business in the foundation industry. When a call is made to a company, an appointment is made for a professionally certified inspector to come out to the property. Once at the property, the inspector, bearing a checklist of signs to look for as well as taking down the general specs of the house is able to formalize his/her authorized opinion on what needs to be done based on the home's unique situation.

Many homes do not “fit in the box, " since they come in all shapes and size and the serenity of foundation problems can range widely across a large spectrum.

Below are eight common variables that go into the inspector's analysis in order to give an accurate quote.

1. Size of your home
A 1200 square foot house is obviously smaller than a 3600 square foot house, and would require less resources and time.
2. The numbers of piers needed
You could need 4, or 24 piers. Obviously it is more expensive to use more. It all depends on the severity as well as the residential structure.
3. The number of concrete breakouts
Again, this could vary widely.
4. The need for interior and/or exterior piering
Interior can require more digging and fortifying, which does require more resources.
5. Slab versus pier and beam
There are several foundation repair techniques, slab verse pier and beams are two different techniques that could swing the price greatly.
6. The age of your home
Generally older homes require more care and secure fortification. Homes over 100 years old may not have all the foundation structuring that are standard now.
7. The amount of deflection, or bowing of walls
Bowing of walls can occur on all sizes or just one falling zone.
8. Drainage usage
Is there a French drain surrounding the house or some type of drainage stem in place? You may need one installed to keep from water buildup in the yard.

Neil Lemons represents Power Jack Foundation Repair, a Texas-based foundation repair serving the DFW Since 1991. To learn more about the cost of foundation repair or get a free quote, visit Power Jack's website, .


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The Basics Of Mud Jacking For Foundation Repair
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