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Priceless or Less Pricey: Floor ?overing Solutions

Kate Shchepak

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Look at the floor! It takes an important place in the interior of your house. You touch it all the time. So the appearance and quality of your floor are critical to your house and people, who live there. The modern floor covering solutions are quite different according to their structure, quality, pricing, and construction complexity. These are the most popular kinds of floor coverings.

Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring is produced according to the newest technologies. It looks like wooden surface that is like complex multiply construction inside. Laminate is nice, reliable and long-living flooring, making your home comfortable and cozy. The main its advantage is low price and high hardness. The laminated resin contains natural corund components - the hardest material, using for diamonds cutting. Laminated flooring is easy to service. The most of pollutions, including fat, paints, are removed with the washing materials and removal liquids. The decorative qualities of your laminated floor are not suffering from your measures.

The useful life of your floor is about 10-15 years. According to European standards, the covering must be checked for hardness, light-resistance, and abrasion (about 18 tests). The results that were taken as a result of testing make possible to label the laminated flooring.

Wooden Flooring

Parquet, as a floor surface, gained its popularity in the 17th century. So, the high quality parquet is taken as a mark of good taste and special status. The wooden surfaces are divided into 3 categories: parquet, solid wood boards and parquet board. The most expensive variant is solid wood board - for 100%, without exception.

Parquet Floor

Meet one of the most popular floor covering solutions - parquet. The main its advantage is long useful life. The upper working cover of parquet is very thick. So, you can renew parquet surface repeatedly. It was approved that high quality parquet floor lives for 100 years and more.

What are the minuses of parquet? All you need is hiring good specialists to get qualitative and great fitting. The prices for hiring good specialists are not low, but your expenses are absolutely justified. There is one thing: you should keep an eye of moisture level in your room, especially in autumn and winter. Parquet is not recommended to fit over the heating floor.

Parquet Board

The parquet board is multilayer construction, where the lower and medium layers are made of pine wood, and the upper layer (working layer) is made of fine wood - beechwood, nutwood, oak or exotic woods like courbaril, merbau and others.

The warm colors of your floor make your home specially cozy and hospitable. The parquet wood board is the most democratic variant. Nevertheless, there are many other solutions to use parquet board as well as parquet, improving its upper layer with additional covering materials. The grain structure looks like natural wooden surface. The service life of it is about 20 years.

Solid Wood Board

According to reliability rate and quality relations, the solid wood board is the best of the best variant for your floor. It is popular to use all over the world. Historically, the massive boards are much older than parquet. It was recognized the most ecological and long-living surface, made of natural wood. As you can see, the parquet board and laminate are quite different by their structure. Massive wood board is considered to be expensive covering, under the condition that it was fitted professionally. It lives for 40 years. The surface of this kind needs much attention and special conditions.

The floor covering market offers a wide choice of wooden covering solutions. It is not only aesthetically pleasant but technologically correct. Thus, for example, there are many sorts of wood that contain special oils, making your floor to be hard, and water-temperature resistant. Reversely, there are many weak sorts of trees that need careful attitude and special environment.

Cork Floor Covering

The spectrum of floor covering solutions is wide. Thus, the cork floors were discovered as the great alternative to natural wood surfaces. So, what are they, the cork coverings? What advantages do they have?

Glue Cork Floor

This kind of cork floor looks like boards that are 12,7mm thick. They are 100% made of cork. What is more, the cork covering is elastic and winning in outwards for all rooms, including kids’ room, living-room, and kitchen with high humidity.

Floating Cork Floor

The next kind of cork covering is so-called floating floor. This kind of surface is simply fitted. It looks like multilayer structure, with cork upper layer, protected with lacquer or vinyl polymer. The pressed cork is the next layer. The last goes cork backing board. The floor looks stylish and elegant. It suits to different interiors. Floating cork floor is great solution for those, who want to get warm, pleasant and ecological floor for years.

Cork Floor Advantages

The cork floor has lot of advantages. Each of them can be important for one or another accommodation. Thus, the cork covering features are:

  • * Ecological clean and chemically neutral. It helps to avoid allergic reactions and pathogenic flora;
  • * Long-life materials. The cork covering usually serves for 100 years and more;
  • * Excellent sound-proof characteristics. The cork is considered to be the best natural sound-proof material that is able to solve problem of annoying sounds on your floor;
  • * Pleasant structure and orthopedic characteristics. The cork floor is comfortable to use, making your movements easy and comfortable. Every next step is easier than previous one - is what you feel;
  • * Thermal-protection characteristics make you forget about the cold floor forever. The cork floor is one of the best warm floor covering solutions. It looks like heating floor;
  • * The cork floor is elastic and spongy. Do not worry about your high boots! The floor comes back to the original appearance soon.

Try to choose the floor that is easy to take care of. It must be comfortable for home and office, for living accommodations and storage rooms. What is the perfect floor for you ? Looking for natural and expensive surfaces - choose wood covering , if you want to feel comfortable and never mind about special floor demands - think of cork floor.


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