Hardwood Flooring Options For Your Business

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Hardwood floor installation is perhaps one of the most versatile flooring options you have seen anywhere; anyone who has witnessed a hardwood floor at home will bear witness to its high quality. Apart from homes, commercial hardwood flooring has also cut a niche for itself and it appears like it is not stopping any time soon. Building owners who have seen the monetary value are slowly switching to hardwood floors; real estate agents have realized the fact that buildings that have commercial hardwood flooring sell faster and they are also rented out faster and they usually go for more than those that have the traditional flooring types.

Apart from increasing the value of a building more than 10%, restaurant hardwood flooring also looks great no matter what kind of setting you will find it in whether in commercial or retail and offices. If you are setting up a retail place or an office, you want to take advantage of the benefits of commercial hardwood flooring.

Improved air quality: According to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), there are many allergy benefits that are associated with restaurant hardwood flooring; this is because they minimize the amount of dust, dander and any other allergens that are trapped on the floor. This is the reason many schools and hospitals are taking up them as their new flooring material.

Easy to maintain: Commercial businesses want to save their resources for investment instead of pouring them their money into the maintaining of floors. Commercial hardwood flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain which aspect easily appeals to discerning business people.

Installation: It is an open secret that concrete still remain to be the most common sub-floor in commercial projects. It becomes very easy to do commercial hardwood floor installation and if the right procedures are followed you can be sure that you will love the outcomes.

Hardness: There are different types of wood specials that are used for restaurant hardwood flooring and some of them are extremely hard. You may want to check out the Janka scale of harness for different wood special when you are choosing something for your floor. The higher the better especially because in any commercial setting you expect to have higher foot traffic and it therefore makes sense to install a hardwood floor that has a high Janka rating.

Finish: With commercial hardwood flooring there is no limit to the kind of finishes that you can choose from. However, because you are talking about a commercial setting you may want to consider an acrylic impregnated finish; this is a type of finish that is injected directly into the wood and the result is a completely durable hardwood floor.

Visual Appeal: Hardwood floor installation is one of the most visually appealing flooring options; with the versatility of hardwood it means that no matter where it is used it will create a lasting visual appeal whether it is in an office or a restaurant. There are also different styles and designs of restaurant hardwood flooring board measurements and installation styles to opt from.


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