Choosing Between Stone and Wood Flooring

Lora Davis

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One of the most important decisions you must make when you are doing exterior or interior design has to do with new floor installation. Flooring is what ultimately goes to create a crucial effect on the overall theme of the house and most homeowners have a hard time deciding what material they are going to use. The quality of the new floor installation you are going to choose will determine whether you have a short term of long term investment. Many homeowners can’t seem to decide between stone flooring and hardwood flooring; we are going to do some comparison here.

Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood flooring is done using a strong and robust material that feels great to walk on in addition to looking great. If you want to do hardwood flooring you need to determine the exact materials that you would like to use and how the flooring planks have been constructed. However, if you are doing a new floor installation on a budget you must strive to get a perfect balance between price and quality. Even though engineered hardwood flooring planks are quite expensive, they offer homeowners a perfect finish; the greatest thing about hardwood flooring is the nature of its design because you will rarely find something that is identical to any other. The greatest challenge you will face when you do hardwood flooring is its susceptibility to scratching but this can be cured by adding an oil or polyurethane finish; when scratches occur on hardwood flooring that has an oil finish it can be fixed easily by simply re-oiling.

Stone Flooring: One thing that you need to know about stone flooring is that it is more porous than wood and, as a result; you need to ensure that a sealant has been applied as soon as the installation is done. How successful you are going to be with stone flooring will greatly be determined by the quality of workmanship during your new floor installation; the subfloor must be made solid so as to prevent any movement and because the stone itself isn’t flexible the movement can only occur in the subfloor. Any movement that occurs because of a weak subfloor will ends up causing grouting that will eventually lead to cracks on the tiles. If you are going to be comfortable in the house, many stone flooring contractors recommend under-floor heating especially if you live in an area where winters are severe; you will remember that stone conducts heat naturally and under-floor heating is therefore desirable.

Comparing the two: If you are going to choose between hardwood flooring and stone flooring for your new floor installation, you must consider where you want to do the flooring; since you know that wood is vulnerable to moisture and water it may not be ideal for the kitchen or bathrooms but is the best choice for bedrooms and the guestroom. Stone flooring is therefore ideal for places such as the bathrooms and the kitchen especially because it enhances safety for foot traffic in areas that are water prone.

A piece of advice, always choose the best flooring companies to work on your flooring project so that you do not have to regret later.


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