What You Need To Know About Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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For anyone who is in love with hardwood flooring in their home, hardwood floor refinishing becomes a routine task as part of the floor maintenance schedule that enables the floor to continue being new and sparkling. Hardwood floor refinishing is sometimes considered a do-it-yourself activity but it can be an extremely tedious task which consumes some good amount of time and money; however, this is the price you pay to continue enjoying the ambiance that is hardwood flooring. While it is possible to do this task without necessarily involving a flooring company, it is worthwhile to consider what you are getting yourself into and weigh whether you will be able to achieve the desired results.

For starters, hardwood floor refinishing is a time-consuming activity especially if you decide to do it on your own. This may also require that you vacate your home until the task is done; the coatings that are used for refinishing hardwood floors may not have any strong fumes that could cause respiratory problems but you cannot walk on the floor until it has dried completely. Many homeowners who try do-it-yourself hardwood floor refinishing many times easily forget this important fact and they find themselves walking on the freshly refinished flooring and they leave ugly footprint marks all over the place. This is one important reason why many discerning homeowners will choose a professional flooring company for their refinishing project all the time.

If after weighing all the possibilities you still feel like you want to proceed with a DIY hardwood floor refinishing, you will have to think about hiring some equipment like heavy duty sander that is available for rent from many local suppliers. The first task that you will find difficult to do will be removing all the furniture as well as all the rugs and mats that have been placed on the hardwood flooring. If you have any form of allergic reaction to dust you will have to look for some heavy duty dust marks to ensure that you don’t breathe in the great amount of dust that will be generated.

The easier way out of it is to hire a hardwood flooring company that specializes in hardwood floor refinishing; they come with their own equipment like heavy duty sanders and others. This machine is moved back and forth gently to the wood floors; it is normally moved in a straight line using a pattern that is similar to the hardwood boards. Many homeowners on do-it-yourself sometimes make the mistake of moving the sander across, especially where the hardwood is beveled with small grooves. The professional are usually careful not to exert too much pressure in a few places more than the others so as to avoid the possibility of creating gouges on the floor. After the first finish has been sanded off, the floor will be swept or vacuumed up before it is given a light wash. This helps to avoid staining marks when there is some dust present on the floor; usually, the first coat is allowed to dry before another one has been applied because the more the coats the shinier the finish.


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