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The Best Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Errol Bunker

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Whether you are remodeling your living room, dining room or kitchen, here’s how you can refinish your Wholesale Hardwood Floor by renting equipment and doing it yourself. You’ll get a great looking floor and save money to boot!

If you have the time and don’t mind doing the work, then refinishing your floors yourself is a great option.

Most wood floors are pretty much the same when it comes to refinishing so whether you have a Wholesale Hardwood Floor or a Antique wood floor get a few estimates from professionals. The estimates may surprise you. You could blow your whole redecorating budget as it can cost up to $1200 just for one room You can save by just carpeting over, but that won’t give you the same look.

It is actually rather easy to refinish a wood floor – if you pay attention to what you are doing. You can rent a sander from your local home improvement center. They will explain to you how to use the machine and tell you what kind of sand paper to purchase. They will also tell you what kind of stain and finish to get. You might also want to get some dust masks and plastic to section the room off from the rest of the house. Fine particles of dust will get everywhere – even if you section off the room, but you may be able to minimize the impact on the rest of the house.

The sanders are very easy to use. They’re a bit on the loud side. The key is to keep it moving at all times. If you stop in 1 spot, you will probably get a big gouge in your Wholesale Hardwood Floor Equate it to using an iron on your clothes – if you stop in 1 spot too long you’ll burn a hole. The sander is similar since it creates a lot of heat, keeping it in 1 spot can burn or dent your floor.

The sander is a self propelling machine so it is easy to move, but you do need to keep in control of it at all times. Retain a firm grip on it when you power it up and you will get the hang of it after a few passes. You might even think it’s fun!

Refinishing a hardwood floor is basically the same procedure as redoing your fingernails. You remove the old finish, add new color and topcoat. The “color” in the floor is the stain and the “topcoat” the varnish.

When selecting a finish you can pick from an oil based or polyurethane (water based) finish. Furthermore, oil is broken down into a semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Satin works well on a Wholesale Hardwood Floor as it will help hide any flaws in the wood and is much more pleasing then a bright shine An oil based finish will give your floor a warm amber glow. A water based finish will dry quicker and keep from yellowing.

Make sure you let each coat thoroughly dry before applying the next; same as you would nail polish. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the finish before you occupy the room again. Usually you can move your furniture back in after about 24 hours.

Refinishing your floor is simply a set of tasks which can be done easily if you take them one step of a time. Like applying a manicure, your Dupont flooring can get a whole new look for less when you refinish it yourself – you’ll save almost 90 percent of the cost.


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