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Understanding the benefits of Cowhide Rugs


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The use of animal skins have come a long way from times when the skin was used by primitive man as a protection of their bodies against the vagaries of weather and to either sleep on or cover themselves to keep warm. Today the animal skin is used for a variety of purposes which includes using it as part of their home décor items. The most popular animal skin is the hide of the cow which is used to make rugs and carpets as floor covering and as a wall hanging. The hide is either used in its natural form or is dyed and printed to make it more colorful and attractive. In either case, the end result is that of a warm, durable and affordable cowhide rug that enhances the elegance and beauty of the room.

The work of converting an animal skin into a beautiful rug is usually done by professional who are trained in the art of carpet and rug making. The hide of the cow is first tanned by tanners who employ either of the two methods of tanning. One involves the use of chemicals or Chromium for the processes of tanning while the other is method is more natural and is done by using the vegetable tanning process. Both the processes are effective to produce high quality hide that can be used to manufacture rugs and carpets. But it is always good to consider the naturally tanned hide as it does not pose any health hazard and is safe for children and pets to play on it. A proper tanning process ensures the high quality of the rug as the cowhide rugs are likely to shred or tear if it is not done so.

Available in a variety of textures, colors and prints, the cowhide rugs are a boon to those families where both partners work outside the home and are hard pressed for time to manage the home. Since the cowhide rugs require minimal maintenance it is wise to invest in it and being durable it will last for a very long time. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual that comes along with the cowhide rug that you buy. A regular dusting is good but if something has spilled on it, which is usual when children are around, you can wash by soaking it in water and taking it out in a few minutes to dry it. It is better to allow it to drip and dry rather than drying it in direct sunlight. Also it is best to avoid cleaning the cowhide rug in the washing machine as continuous exposure to water is likely to harm the texture of the rug.

Today the use of the cowhide rugs have extended to its use not only as a floor covering but also as decorative wall hangings especially in places like museums and hotels. Artistic images and pictures are drawn or painted on the rug or woven into the fabric of the rug. The cowhide rugs are useful and advantageous to be used in any room and it is also worthwhile monetarily besides it adding to the beauty of the room it is used in.

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