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Easy Maintenance for Your Cowhide Rugs


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Any room that looks dull and dreary can be made to look trendy and exciting by making some very simple changes like putting up a cowhide rug on any one of the walls of the room or by spreading it on the floor of the room. There are many different types of rugs that you can use but by using the cowhide rug you are actually making a sensible move. The reasons being are that they are durable, affordable and are very easy to maintain. There are many choices too from which you can make your selection but a study on the Internet will tell you that cowhide rugs from Argentina or Brazil would be the best to choose from.

One of the chief reasons for the popularity of the cowhide rugs is that it requires very simple maintenance process. The cleaning procedures involve either vacuuming or dusting and in case cleaning becomes necessary an effortless scrubbing is all that is needed. You can apply a mild soap or detergent and scrub gently with a sponge and this can be done even when the rug gets stained. Besides being stained, the carpets can also be creased due to being folded or rolled up. Though these creases and wrinkles usually straighten out with regular use you need to consider ironing them out in case of stubborn creases and wrinkles. This is an effortless process which can be easily done using the usual flat iron that is generally used by you to iron out your clothes at home.

When ironing with the home iron you need a few things to help you get that perfectly straightened out a cowhide rug. You would need a large sized bath towel, the usual ones that are available in the market and which most people use. You need to place the bath towel on the floor under the cowhide rug that needs ironing. The bath towel is placed below the rug so that the high temperature of the iron does not cause any damage to the covering on the floor. You would need a long power cord that can be extended to every corner of the cowhide rug wherever there is a stain. First place a damp cloth that is lint free over the rug and iron out the cloth as an iron is normally used. The hot iron needs to be moved as swiftly as possible and hold the hot iron for the shortest time required to iron out the creases and wrinkles. Once the wrinkles and creases are ironed out, you may re-use the cowhide rug but remember to wait till it cools down completely.

In case of obstinate and stubborn stains or a chewing gum that is stuck on the cowhide rug, you can also use spray vapor jets into the soiled parts and then move the hot iron in the same methods as mentioned earlier. This is a highly effective method to fumigate the rugs and carpets which have been soiled by pets and harmful chemicals.

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