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The Rising Demand for Cowhide Rugs


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Rugs today have become an integral item to decorate the home and most people are accepting rugs of different varieties in their homes. The cowhide rug for example was always considered to be a poor man’s floor covering, but today with the different varieties available, the rugs have become quite popular with all the classes of people. Cowhides are today used for the manufacture of an array of items like bags, cushion covers, and even furniture. They are also used for personal dress accessories like jackets and hats. These items of cowhide, including the cowhide rug, are commonly available in most retail stores and supermarkets and also on the different online stores. The cowhide rugs are also available online and you can order them from the comfort of your home.

To understand the quality of a cowhide rug you need to understand the factors that make up a good quality rug. Firstly the hide of the cow must be of a high breed cow and secondly the tanning process of converting a hide into rug should be done in the right process and in the most advanced method. This ensures that the end result is the best quality rug that can be used in your home without having to worry about its effect on health especially of that of the children. Besides, it being safe for children, it is also highly versatile as it can be used as a wall hanging too, to decorate a wall in a room or to accentuate a wall which has been left bare.

The reasons why the cowhides rugs are so much in demand is because of its basic qualities of durability and easy maintenance. The cowhide rugs are affordable too as the tanning process is not very expensive and the production process too is very simple. Though there are many different types of printed cowhide rugs available, the most in demand are the ones with animal prints on it. But more than the printed variety, the plain, earthy colored rugs like brown, black and green are preferred by most people as this is very versatile and can be matched along with any type of décor in the room. Moreover, its biggest attribute is the fact that it is very safe for children as it is hypoallergenic. This added quality places the cowhide rug at the top of the preferred list of different types of rugs and carpets.

Today with innovation and the advanced technology has come together to manufacture rugs that are unique in looks and which does not reveal its origin. The printing technique, the tanning process and its finishing touches in the end have all been upgraded technologically to ensure that the end result is a fantastic cowhide rug that brightens up the home. Technology as also helped to give you customized rugs so that they can fit into any shape or size of the room, particularly in cities where the apartments built today have areas that are shrinking in size and moving away from the typical squares and rectangular shapes.

The author has a business where he is having a natural or exotic animal print cowhide rugs to suit every decor & budget, and matching decorator pillows too.


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Cowhide Rugs - A Touch of Beauty for Every Home
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