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The very hard five finger shoes arouse a knee arthritis


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A research that ¡¶arthritis care and research ¡· up announce discovers that the very hard five finger shoes may aggravate a knee arthritis. The research before now once ran about high strength and more serious knee bone arthritis case to contact together, the knee bone arthritis belonged to the most familiar arthritis disease. The author of this research used camera and a pressure that measures dint plank to measure 31 participants while being barefoot and putting on four kinds of five finger shoes of different styles to walk to the knee. These four types of five finger shoes are wooden clogses and own peaceful bottom person's word of the athletic five finger shoes, flat bottom casual five finger shoes of stable function to drag along respectively.

While being dressed in wooden clogs and stability type five finger shoes, the research object's knee wants to compare to walk, be dressed in person's word to drag along or bear more 7% to 15% pressures under the circumstance of low-heeled five finger shoes in the barefoot. The risk that the smoke age is more long to suffer from a Parkinson's disease more low ¡¶the mental derangement learns ¡· a research of the magazine express, the smoke age is more long(but not is smoke more fierce), contract the risk of Parkinson's disease to seem to be more low. The Parkinson's disease is a kind of nerve to back a line of *** transmitted disease to change, the sufferer is more difficult than control sport and the speech. Smoke cigarette with this kind of disease of of anti- to contact half century ago reported for the very first time, but this was an one or two smoking year count together smoke every day of amount discrete research. The researcher did the smoking history of 30 many ten thousand advanced age research objects than, have 1662 people among them be checked a Parkinson's disease for the past 10 yearses. Compare with with nonsmoker, smoke at least every day a pack of, the smoke age contract a Parkinson's disease all in 1-9 years of smoker rate low 4%. But those everydays smoke an amount equally many, but smoke age at more than 30 years person, suffer from the disease all rate to want low 41%. But smoke every day of amount to the risk that suffers from a Parkinson's disease without obviously and independently influencing. Bear a medicine germ the ability save to stay for few years in the internal organs ¡¶public science library& middot;Is comprehensive ¡·the magazine announce of a research suggest, after people eat under the antibiotics, bear a medicine germ to seem ability to save to stay for few years in the mankind's internal organs. The researcher makes 3 patients who get stomach ulcer or bowel way ulcer accept usual of, 1- weeks antibiotic medicine cure. Moreover 3 patients who have related symptom didn't accept a treatment. All patients in the coming 4 years all no longer take antibiotics.

The later research discovers that once accepting's still implying to exceed specimen in the research object's bowels specimen of antibiotic treatment is 100000% antibiotic anti- sex germs before the research, but check against the amount of germs of sample don't increase. But, this research still needs the survey of big sample to confirm this detection. Usually took analgesic or increment to lose a thesis that astute risk ¡¶American medical science magazine ¡· announces to say, male's usually using an analgesic would increase to lose astute risk, especially middle age male.

From 1986-2004 years, the researcher invites quarter people to mean their he or shes towards approaching 27,000 males to carry on every two years a survey, among them that being diagnosed a sense of hearing is damaged. A thoughtful little twice use the person of analgesic than don't use the person of analgesic more probably diagnose to lose astute. The person who uses an aspirin diagnoses to lose an astute possibility Gao Chu's 12%, the person of the type medicine of the use cloth Luo aroma's possibility is Gao Chu's 21%, use reduce fever a clean person's possibility is Gao Chu's 22%. The research expresses that the age is the biggest in the risk that the 45-50-year-old human face faces.

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