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Can I Lay Ceramic Tile Over Existing Ceramic Tile?


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A common question when laying tile is, Can I lay ceramic tile over existing ceramic tile in my kitchen/bath. Well the answer to that question is yes and no. I don't feel that it is the best way to install ceramic tile but it can be done. It all depends on the condition of the current tile floor.

So you will need to ask yourself, is my current tile flooring in good condition? Ceramic tile needs a good bond to the material underneath. If your current flooring is still adhering to the subflooring and there are no hollow sounds (lack of thinset underneath) then you could lay the new ceramic tile on top. You will want to make sure that the current floor is clean before proceeding. Use a scrub brush and cleaner to remove grease and dirt before attempting to lay the ceramic tile. After cleaning the tile you will want to try to scuff up the existing tile and grout. This will help the new mortar adhere to the old tile. Adding tile onto the top of an existing floor will raise your floor level so you will probably need to trim the door jams. You can offset the raised floor at transition areas by purchase a new threshold plate.

If you decide to remove the current ceramic tile be very careful. The first tool that you will need to get is safety glasses. This will help prevent getting debris in your eyes. Removing the tile is going to be different depending on your subflooring. If you have a wood subflooring and the previous installed tile was placed on cement backerboard consider yourself lucky. I find this easier than removing tile installed on concrete. I do not try to save the backerboard, just start removing some tile with a wide, flat chisel and a hammer. Once you expose some of the backerboard try to pry this and the tile up together. I have found it easier to remove the backerboard and replace it with new material.

I hope this article helps solves that common question of “Can I lay ceramic tile over an existing tile floor". Remember to take your time during the floor preparation.

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