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Nylon Carpets


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Nylon is a man made fibre, in fact Nylon was discovered by a gentleman called Wallace Carothers and his research team in 1935. This polymer fibre is smooth and fine and can be closely woven, when used in carpet construction it is usually closely woven. Nylon is extremely strong and can often be found in commercial property giving durability in frequently used areas.

Nylon carpets tend to dry very quickly once they have been cleaned as the fibres do not absorb a lot of moisture, wetting also does not effect its strength , although Nylon will resist alkalis, it can be damaged by bleach and mineral acids.

Because Nylon has chemicals as its origin, it is not food for moths, mould or mildew, which again would tick boxes for the commercial customer.

Nylon melts at 250 degrees and between 120 & 250 degrees the fibres soften, this is how permanent creasing develops, often when a heavy item is dragged over the carpets surface damage is caused due to heat, which will often appear to be a ‘scuff’ mark.

Nylon takes dye well, colour is often added during manufacture, usually at the wet polymer stage. Nylon is often added to other fibres, with wool, Nylon brings its strength and durability.

Nylon can also become electrosatically charged, this has a disadvantage as dust particles are attracted to the carpet and actually stick to it, this is why many experienced carpet cleaning companies will introduce fibre conditioners in their cleaning process, this drastically improves the situation allowing fibres to soil at a slower rate.

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