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What Can Laminate Flooring On Your Stairs Do For Your Home?


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The instant benefit you get when you install laminate flooring on stairs is the enhanced look of your whole house, especially if the rest of the room has laminate flooring, too. This is because same patterns and styles are used all throughout, adding visual cohesion and integrity. Furthermore, this makes the whole room appear bigger. And because it is available in numerous styles, colors, and hues, you have wider options when selecting flooring that will go well with the rest of your interior decoration scheme.

Insist on Quality

Because this part of your house bears a lot of traffic during your day to day living, make sure that the laminate flooring on stairs is of good quality that will resist constant wear and tear. If you are not familiar with the different brands of laminated flooring available in the area, do some research and ask flooring professionals, if you happen to know one. Solicit feedback from some of your friends who have installed laminated flooring in their houses and ask which brand gets easily scratched and replaced often. This is one instance when you need to forego searching for cheaper engineered flooring and invest on good ones instead that will not need to be replaced after only a short time.

How to Install

There is not much difference in installing engineered flooring on stairs from installing the flooring elsewhere. In fact, it can even be a suitable DIY project for you that can be done on a single weekend. You need to glue it down to the subfloor tightly to make sure it doesn't wobble after being subjected to daily traffic. You may also choose to brad nail the flooring in its edges to hide the holes with a trim later on. You do not need to place any underlayer beneath the laminate flooring nor provide expansion spaces because the entire flooring is glued down. You can now install quarter round trim on the edge of the tread and over the uppermost part of the riser.

Selection of Adhesive

Do not underestimate the importance of the adhesive you use when installing laminate on stairs. Determine which brand is recommended by the laminate manufacturer, as their preferences might vary. Purchase the complete installation kit and follow the installation instructions faithfully to get the best results possible. Of course, you can avoid this particular hassle if you choose to hire a professional installer though the project is quite easy and fast to do. Make sure to wipe any excess glue that seep out with a clean, dry cloth to prevent any unsightly stains.

Safety Issues

One consideration that must not be ignored when installing laminate flooring on stairs is safety. Some engineered flooring boards or tiles may be too glossy and slippery for children and elderly persons to walk on. It would be prudent for you to shop around and look for a flooring with slightly matte finish. You can also install handrails on your stairs as added safety precaution.

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