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Radiant Floor Heat Is The Best Kind Of Heat


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Most modern homes now are built with forced air heat. This is unfortunate as radiant floor heat is a much superior kind of heat. Not only is it more healthy for you but it is also cheaper in the long run.

Radiant floor heat is comes from panels in the floor which are heated in one of three ways:

  • By electricity (electric radiant heat)
  • By hot water in pipes (hydronic radiant heat)
  • By air ducts in the panels

    One of the biggest benefits to using a radiant heat floor system is the comfort. A forced air system which is so common today, pushes dry air from room to room. This is very bad for your skin and you may have struggled with dry skin in the winter time. This dry forced air only makes the situation worse.

    Over the years, this type of heating will take its toll on your skin and make it look older than it is.

    With radiant floor heat. the heat is warmed gently and rises naturally to the ceiling. No wind storm from room to room as with the forced air. Radiant heat floors provide a quite and comforting heat. This heating system is silent which is another one of its benefits. You cannot tell when it is on or off, at least you can't hear it.

    Radiant heat floors also deliver heat more evenly to the different rooms of a house or building. The heat does not move around like forced air and tends to stay in one place. This also means that dust and allergens are not on the move with radiant heat. This is another reason radiant heat is more healthy.

    Since the air is not moving as much, there is less of a loss of heat as well. Radiant floor heat provides a cost savings over time. It may be more expensive to install initially, but over time you will save with radiant heat.

    These are some of the advantages of radiant heat. If you are ever given the opportunity to have it installed in your house or building, it is an option that should be seriously considered.

    To learn more about the different kinds of radiant heat and their many advantages please visit my website Radiant Floor Heat .

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