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Various Types Of Resilient Flooring


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The wide range of choices available today when it comes to flooring materials sure might be a very pleasant surprise to many a new home owner. Of late, flooring manufacturers have developed several products that are easy to install, wear resistant and very attractive.

There are two types of resilient flooring materials. They are 1) Sheet, and 2) Tile

12 feet wide sheets and standard 12-inch squares are the two types of resilient flooring materials that are available today. You can lay the sheet flooring loosely like a rug or use an adhesive. Though sheet flooring is available in 12 feet width, it may be that you have to make seams as most of these sheets are available in 6 feet wide strips.

There are two types of tiles available. Those that can be laid by applying an adhesive and those with self-sticking backing. Both tile and sheet flooring are available in plain colors or in patterns with smooth surface or textured surfaces. Imitations of several types of flooring like brick, wood, slate, marble, flagstone, terrazzo and ceramic tile are available. Though these finishes are imitations, they look as though they are all authentic and are available in several hundred patterns. You have to choose the tile of your choice carefully so you might want to visit your local flooring dealer and take time to examine the possibilities.

The flooring material you choose should be easy to install. The methods to install the flooring and the type of adhesive to be used are specified by most manufacturers. Take a look at these instructions before you decide.

A few advantages of sheet flooring:

A few seams are enough to install resilient sheet flooring - which can be termed as one of its greatest advantages over installing individual tiles. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and entryways are ideal places to install resilient sheet flooring as these rooms are places where there are chances of water dripping through to the floor. No doubt that tile flooring covers the floors but in places where adhesives are not properly applied to the tiles that cover the floor there is every chance of water seeping through the tiles to the floor and damaging the floor instantaneously. It's difficult to work with large sheets of flooring but easier to work with individual tiles. A few years ago, sheet flooring used to be stiff and brittle but thanks to the advancements in technology, sheet flooring available today are more like thin vinyl tiles with foam backings. These are a lot easier to handle.

The methods to install all resilient floor coverings are mostly the same. The prime difference is whether adhesive is used or not. Resilient sheet floor covering materials available with major suppliers come with self-sticking backing.

A few advantages of tile flooring:

Asphalt floor tiles were extremely popular for homes earlier as they used to be inexpensive and also were available in easy to use squares. But these were difficult to maintain and also they had a tendency to crack or break. But now, asphalt tiles are close to becoming obsolete and vinyl tiles have by and large replaced them.

Yet, asphalt tiles continue to be used, albeit very rarely. Builders and home owners now use other options that are both easier to maintain and last much longer.

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