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Installing Laminate Flooring


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Laminate flooring is a good substitute for wooden flooring as it is durable and easy to take care of. Moreover, it is suited for areas with higher levels of foot traffic where installing wooden flooring can be expensive and difficult. Laminate flooring is composed of an inner core and an outer layer of wood or eve plastic.

The advantage of the laminate flooring is that it can simulate wood, marble or granite. Moreover, you can install the flooring even on top of an existing floor as long as the latter is flat and solid. The foam padding beneath the laminate flooring will even out the abnormalities in the floor and keep the noise levels down. Ensure that you check for any door intrusions before such installations. If you are required to cover the entire floor, always keep the edges ΒΌ” away from the walls so as to allow for expansion and contraction. The imperfections created by the space on laminate floorings can be hidden by a molding or trimming.

If you are planning on doing the laminate flooring yourself, make sure that you have all the equipments needed for the task.

The list includes:
Laminate, hammer, scissors, measuring tape, straight-hedge, pencil, marker, speed square, coping saw, clamps, circular saw and safety goggles.

Steps to install laminate flooring
While laminating your floor, try and follow a methodical process so as to ensure a neat outcome. Ensure that the floor is thoroughly clean and dry before you start working on it.

Here are some tips of how to go about laminating your floor in a meticulous manner. The first step is to determine your floor dimensions and the amount of laminate pieces you will need. If you feel that any one of the pieces is less than 2 inches in width, you should try to arrange the pieces such that the narrow piece is next to the wall.

Roll out the foam base and then mark it. Cut all the pieces to length using either a circular saw or table saw. For irregular edges you could even use a coping saw or a saber saw. Ensure that the edges do not overlap after setting them in place.

After installing the first board, apply glue along its tongue. Then put glue on the groove of the second board and put the two pieces together. A similar procedure for the third board follows after which a hammer is used to tap the block into place. Wipe off the excess glue with a wet cloth. In the event the boards refuse to remain glued, use a heavy weight to weigh them down.

The glue needs at least an hour to dry after which you can install al the other boards. Keep the rest glued on for six hours before you attempt to walk on your new laminate flooring.

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