Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring And The Click-and-Lock Method


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Laminate flooring is now becoming a buzzword in home design, especially if you would like to transform your old room into a more stylish place that’s easy to clean. Laminate flooring also has the appearance of an authentic wood, but you can get laminates for half the cost of wood flooring.

Laminate floor companies are now devising their own means of gaining the trust of customers - most of them offer warranties and discounts, and some may even provide you with free installation of the flooring. For example, one manufacturer that sells high-grade laminate flooring for a reasonable price is Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring.

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring as well as other major flooring companies produce laminate floor boards that can be installed by clicking and locking them together. But don’t get this wrong - laminates with click-and-lock panels are just as stable and sturdy as any wood flooring.

Trafficmaster also offers laminate floors which can be installed by nailing or gluing boards to the original floor. Before you make a purchase, you need to choose which of these two installation methods can best serve your needs. You have to take note that laminates that have be nailed or glued need to be installed with the help of a professional craftsman.

Laminate flooring made by Trafficmaster is composed of four separate layers which have been fused together under high pressure. The inner core of a high-quality laminate contains dense fiberboard. This layer is treated with sealing substances to protect it from damage. The third layer in the laminate flooring is the decorative part of the flooring - it contains an image of real wood or stone. The outer layers are coated with melamine to seal the fibrous materials from moisture.

Once you have installed the flooring, Trafficmaster laminate floors only need to be swept in order to keep it clean. Stains can be removed by washing them with mild soap.

In cases where you need to replace a portion of your flooring, there won’t be a need for you to rip up the entire place if you are using laminates. Laminate flooring comes in tiles that can be un-installed individually if there is a need for you to replace them. This is why it is recommended that upon purchasing laminate flooring, you should buy a few extra boards so you can use them for replacement in the future.

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