How To Detect A Fake Marble Tile


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Marble Tile Background

Marble tiles are considered to be one of the best building materials to be used in homes, even in offices, due to its different qualities and benefits.

Marble tiles have been used for over thousands of years already, wherein they were first cut into slabs and tiles and used for as building materials, dating back as far as the time of ancient Greeks and the Romans. Marble tiles are known for their exquisiteness and resilience, making them very ideal as flooring materials, especially since they are not only functional, but are very aesthetically pleasing as well. Each marble tile vary in color, pattern and design, giving consumers a wonderful array of natural materials which possesses a combination of beauty and toughness, making it the material of choice for construction.

Marble, which is actually a metamorphic rock, is created when limestone is subjected to a considerable amount of heat and pressure within the earth’s crust, making it a dense and durable material, at least when compared with granite or ceramic tiles. It gets its unique coloring, textures and veins from the metamorphic change that the limestone undergoes regarding its marble effect and mineral composition. Basically, marble undergoes a re-crystallization process wherein fossil materials and other sundry elements and minerals are heated and pressurized, creating the stone.

Difference Between Fake And Real Marble Tiles

Real marble tiles have the characteristic of being durable, but it is actually not that durable. Its durability will be defined on how you take care of it, making it more of a hassle and a problem to have around. Caring for real marble tiles is more complex than your regular style of cleaning, wherein mopping and sweeping not enough in terms of caring for your marble tiles. Marble tiles are more susceptible to stains from common household products, such as citrus-based drinks, shampoos, nail removers, or anything that is acidic, since these things may chemically react with the marble tile’s surface. This means that people who have marble tiles for their flooring, for example, will need to clean up any spill immediately using soap and water, in order to avoid staining their marble tile.

Fake marble tiles, on the other hand, need not require the same amount of care when cleaning it since these fake marble tiles are not made of 100% marble, but contain only a percentage of marble in their composition. Fake marble tiles are actually combined with other elements, such as liquid polyester resin, making it a more durable product as compared to the real marble tiles. This means that the products that would easily stain marble tiles are not that effective with fake marble tiles due to their resin coats, making them more impervious, although they could still stain it if not taken care of.

Also, real marble tiles are more expensive than fake marble tiles for obvious reasons, although there are some people who sell fake marble tiles for the same price range as real ones. The more expensive real marble tiles will have some differences with fake ones, such as the texture, finishes, patterns and design, some of which are more difficult to detect over others, but with careful scrutiny and observation, these differences can be seen.

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Marble Beyond Floors - Using Marble Tiles Elsewhere In Your Home
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