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Articles about or concerning Feng-Shui, Environmental Harmony, Architectural Planning.
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How To Make Sure You Maximize Your Romance Luck In 2008

 Marco Chong (January 21, 2008)  In the last article, you have learned how to maximize your wealth luck. In this article, I will show you how you can maximize your romance luck in 2008. Valentine's Day is exactly 10 days after the start of the Rat year. I hope you will implement what you learn here, so that this Valentine's Day will be a different one for you. Today, you will be looking at the romance star, the .. (Feng Shui)

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

 Thomas T (January 21, 2008)  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment. When you live in harmony with the space around you, the natural energy that all things are made of flows easily and can help to bring peace and tranquility into your life. Here are some Feng Shui tips to help you determine the important areas of your home. Each area of your home has its own energy; some .. (Feng Shui)

Feel Better At Work With A Feng Shui Office

 Thomas T (January 21, 2008)  Have you ever wondered how a Feng Shui office may help you at work? Your office or workspace is one of the most important areas of your environment, next to your bedroom. With this in mind, it is no wonder that how we feel at work can affect our whole lives. Having a Feng Shui office is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your life. When you have a Feng Shui office it is . (Feng Shui)

Enrich Your Life And Relationships With Feng Shui Love Guidance

 Amit Bhalla (January 07, 2008)  Relationships are the strongest support system of our life and we can face every challenge if we have loved ones supporting us. However, most of us fail to realize that even the closest relationships need to be worked upon constantly to keep the bond intact. Little gestures and thoughtful action, kind words and show of appreciation go a long way in strengthening the ties between .. (Feng Shui)

Let Easy Feng Shui Tips Change the Way You Live

 Amit Bhalla (January 04, 2008)  All of us our unwilling participants in the rat race and once you are in the race, who does not want to win? We try out every way and means through which we might bring in some improvement in some aspects of our life. One such easy method to bring about positive changes is through the careful use of Feng Shui tips. This ancient Chinese practice balances the Yin (female) and the Yang .. (Feng Shui)

Feng Shui and Living Room Arrangements Made Easy

 Lynn Lee (December 30, 2007)  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy which deals with the flow of energy within a defined area. This energy, known as chi, is believed to be present in all things, both animate and inanimate. With the proper use of colors and object placement within our personal spaces, you can create a mood that will help keep your chi in balance. You want to arrange your home so that it is your . (Feng Shui)

15 Feng Shui Tips You Can Do For Your Home Today

 A. Lee (December 28, 2007)  Here's a quick list of 15 things you can easily do today to bring in positive change in your life. 1. Open all doors and windows for 15 minutes in the morning, for a complete change of energy in your home. 2. Walk through your home and tidy up as you walk. The more cleaning and de-cluttering you do, the greater the energy shifts. 3. When de-cluttering is too daunting a task, place a .. (Feng Shui)

The Chinese Art of Feng Shui

 Lynn Lee (December 26, 2007)  For over 3,000 years the art of Feng Shui has been practiced in China. Early Chinese people who practiced this art were responsible for finding the area that was used to build homes and creating their villages. The areas they found were called Belly of the Dragon because they were above areas that were prone to flooding and below areas of high winds. This is what is meant by achieving .. (Feng Shui)

Feng Shui - Acupuncture for Your Home

 Kathleen Karlsen (December 21, 2007)  Feng shui, a 5,000 year old art aimed at aligning buildings with the fundamental forces of nature, is a unique approach to indoor environments. Feng shui works much like acupuncture. This uses “cures" to reestablish the proper energy flow in a building by removing energy blockages and stimulating stagnant areas. In feng shui, each area of the home relates to an area in our lives. .. (Feng Shui)

Turn Around Your Life For The Better With Easy To Implement Feng Shui Tips

 Amit Bhalla (December 20, 2007)  Our life goes round in a full circle and in every person's life there are a number of ups and downs, which bring about changes in our circumstances from time to time. Our endeavor is to always better our state of being, using all possible means available to us. One such uncommon method of improving the state of things is the use and implementation of Feng Shui tips in our day to day .. (Feng Shui)

The Feng Shui Bedroom

 Thomas T (December 12, 2007)  When creating the Feng Shui bedroom, you are creating harmony where you spend a great deal of your time, renewing your body and soul. Sleeping is one of the most important acts that humans do for survival, and if you can incorporate harmony into your sleeping environment by creating a Feng Shui bedroom, you can rest peacefully. This kind of bedroom will help to nourish and heal your .. (Feng Shui)

Spell Success for Your Life With Easy Feng Shui Career Tips

 Amit Bhalla (December 11, 2007)  The main aspects of a person's life are health, wealth, personal relationships and career. Although catering to different sides of a person's personality, the four have an interconnectivity that regulates our life. Among all the career section is the most difficult to manage, as it depends not only among us but also on other individuals who may not even be aware of our existence. A job, . (Feng Shui)

Feng Shui Tips

 Thomas T (December 11, 2007)  These Feng Shui tips can help you to create a harmonic and positive atmosphere in which you can work and live. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the environment in which you live can influence your life. One of the basic concepts of this philosophy is to know your soul on the spiritual and universal level. This is where our souls reside and all aspects of our exterior world .. (Feng Shui)

Learning About The Feng Shui Life

 Thomas T (December 06, 2007)  Feng Shui, is known to the Chinese as a method of placement to enhance your life in every way. The Feng Shui life is basically about incorporating Feng Shui into your environment. It allows you to achieve harmony with the environment by means of placement and arrangement of space. When you live the Feng Shui life, you include the beliefs and techniques into your surroundings and benefit . (Feng Shui)

Energize Your Life and Relationships With Effective Feng Shui Tips

 Amit Bhalla (December 05, 2007)  Who does not want to enhance their lives with a little help from lady luck and it would be untrue if people said that they were not happy with unexpected positive results in their life. Many forms of divination are believed in and used by many people to enhance their luck factor, be it in terms of money, relationships, health or career. One such ancient Chinese art of divination is the .. (Feng Shui)

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