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Top 7 Clutter-Clearing Tips – Feng Shui Method

Megan J Peterson

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Using the Feng Shui method when clearing the clutter will make the task easier, will charge you with energy and positive emotions. This is the most important benefit and this should be the main reason for you to start practicing this “technology”. In the following lines, I'm going to share some of the top clutter-cleaning tips using the Feng Shui method.

The following seven tried and tested tips will make your cleaning more effective. Even the oven cleaning around Towcester will agree with me. If you are sceptic, you can try them once and if you don't see the difference, you are free to forget about the method. But if it works. well, then you should be very grateful, because believe this or not, Feng Shui will change your life in many aspects.

1. Discover which is the most effective clearing clutter time of the day for you. For example, the oven cleaners explain that usually people love cleaning their kitchens in the morning. However, if you prefer doing it in the evening or in the afternoon, that's perfect. Discover when you are at your most decisive and do your clearing then.

2. Make a schedule. Make a date with yourself and don't be late!

3. Time-box all of your tasks. Break all the tasks down into chinks, decide how long it will take you to complete each one and set the timer. Work against the clock and you will be surprised how much work you will do for a couple of hours.

4. Play unbeaten music. Set the volume loud enough to make your body feel like dancing. According to the statistics, people clean longer and faster if they have the right music playing.

5. Wear something red. The first real rule for the Feng Shui method. Actually, I'm not sure what's the right explanation, but still – always prefer the colours from the warm end of the spectrum rather than cool colours.

6. Never wear black and grey while cleaning. Black attracts low-level vibrations and will quickly make you feel tired when cleaning. Grey on the other hand will cause you to be indecisive about what stays and what goes.

7. Reward yourself for the well done job. Promise yourself that when the job is all done, you will reward yourself with something meaningful and affordable for you (ice cream, a piece of cheesecake, a movie, etc. )

I hope that you learned something new about the Feng Shui method and that cleaning will be an easier task from now on. By the way, I've read about some wonderful kitchen Feng Shui decorating ideas, do I advise you to contact the oven cleaning from Towcester professionals and ask them for a couple of quotes. Cheers!


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