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House Feng Shui Numerology


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The housing market has changed in recent years. For example, the old adage “location, location, location" has been expanded to include the principles of Feng Shui as the location, colors and numbers. This is because Feng Shui has grown in popularity in architecture and interior design. Therefore, the house numbers play an important role in the decision to buy the house for a growing number of buyers.

Recently, I spent some time helping my clients find their “right" house. After scouring neighborhoods, floor plans, school districts and entertainment, we decided on a few finalists. These houses were in the same area. All things being equal, it came down to the emotions and the “agreement. " One house in particular, seemed a good deal. The design was good, the color was to his liking, he had all the modern amenities. I called my buyer to make an appointment with his wife to take a look.

On the way to the house that was for sale, I explained to my clients that if they liked the house, we could probably negotiate a 10% discount off the already low asking price. They were excited by the prospect of finally reaching a decision to close - and a deal to boot.

As we reached the entrance, so good . . . or so I thought. I parked the car. Unbuckled his seat belt. My clients out of the car while I picked up my wallet and phone. No more than 5 seconds ago, when I heard the back door open car again. My clients returned to the car and said, “Let's go. "

I was surprised. “What's wrong?" I asked. My client quickly replied that he could not wanted to buy that house. I pressed for more information. He said, “look at the 4s. " I looked toward the house and searched the house number. I met them and said, “444. "

“Why buy a house shouting" Death, death, death? "

The revelation came upon me in an instant. My client was right. The number “4" is pronounced very similar to the word “death" in Chinese. So there was no argument with that. What struck me off guard is that my client was not Chinese. So why was he so worried?

“I'll have a lot of difficulty selling the house when we move. "

Indeed, my client was right. Nine months later, the house is still on the market.

When it comes to numbers and numerology Feng Shui home, I learned that it is better to play it safe. Look for house numbers lucky first as the number “9". In the Feng Shui compass 8-face, the most favorable direction is South. It is at the top of the compass. Fame, fortune, party, red, fire, birds, summer, and the number “9" is associated with the South. A number of the house as “999" would be very lucky and desirable.

Here is another thing that does not realize “9. " It is the only number that if multiplied by another number one digit, then add the sum of the two digits in the answer, the equation is equal to “9. " For example, 9 times 8 equals 72. Add 7 to 2 and you get 9. Can you see the appeal of this issue?

The second luckiest number is “8. " This number sounds similar to the word “prosperity" in Chinese. The combination of 8 with other numbers such as 2, also sound similar to “easy prosperity" in Chinese. Thus, 28 is also good for a house number.

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