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Birth Month Flowers


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Birth month flowers Birth month flowers are for everyone. Each month has its own individual birth month flower and here they are. January: Carnation The birth month flowers for January are Carnations. The carnation represents pride, beauty, gratitude and admiration.

These winter birth month flowers are both beautiful and colorful. February: Iris Iris are the birth month flowers for February. Its rainbow of colors gives this flower its name in the Latin and dates back to Ancient Greece, where Iris was thought to be the link between Olympus and the earth.

March: Daffodil The birth month flowers for March are Dafffodils. They are native to the area around the Mediterranean Sea, and from there were transported to the ends of the globe. April: Daisy The birth month flowers for April are the bright and large daisies. Of course, daisies are associated with innocence and purity as seen in many pictures and are always a joy to see in any bouquet. May: Lily of the Valley The birth month flowers for May are the lovely Lily's of the Valley. The true name for this flower is “Majalis" which means “that which is of May".

The fragrant and delicate blooms of these birth month flowers always add to any wedding or bridal arrangement. June: Rose The birth month flowers for June are Roses. This most coveted of flowers, according to Greek mythology, they speak of love and passion.

July: Delphinium or Larkspar The birth month flowers for July are the blue hued delphiniums. These flowers also comes in other colors and is thought to have the power to ward off witches. It is also has medicinal attributes and the meaning of this flower's name is of fickleness and beauty of spirit.

August: Gladiolus The birth month flowers for August are the Gladiolus. With a name that derives from the ancient name for “Gladiator" it could only mean a sword. These birth month flowers are said to symbolize a love that has pierced a heart.

September: Aster The birth month flowers of September are the Asters. The remembrance of those who have passed away is signified in this flower with many a tomb and grave of a fallen soldier having been decorated with it. October: Marigold The birth month flowers for October are marigolds. They are also known as the Calendula and this flower derive its name from an ancient Christian tradition of “Mary's Gold". November: Chrysanthemum The birth month flowers for November are Chrysanthemums. Also known as Mums, they are celebrated by the Japanese as well as Chinese for different reasons. December: Narcissus The birth month flowers for December are Narcissus which stems from the story of the youth Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool and was turned into a flower by Apollo. So there you have the definitions and a brief history of the birth month flowers. So, the next time you are looking for the right gift, you know exactly what to give as a present. For more information on this: http://birthmonthflowers. co. cc.


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