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Bedroom Feng Shui Tips


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In feng shui, the bedroom is considered to be the third most important part of the home (after the main door and the kitchen). It is also a place where we spend most of our time in for sleep and rest. Having good feng shui in the bedroom helps us get a good night's rest, that is essential in maintaining good health.

The best shapes for bedrooms are squares and rectangles. These are the most stable of all shapes and they promote a healthy flow of chi. Avoid irregular shaped and circular rooms, as they are not balanced.

The bed should be placed against a wall for good support (with the headboard against the wall). It is inadvisable to have the bed ‘floating’ in the middle of the room. Sleeping with the headboard against the wall ensures that you will receive good support in whatever you do.

You must also never place the bed against a window. The window is where a lot of Yang (active) energy flows into the room, and this constant flow of Chi may affect your sleep at night. If you have no choice but to place your bed in this manner, cover your window with thick and dark curtains.

The bed should never be located directly in front of, or in view of any door. The door is where the flow of chi enters your room. Having the bed in direct confrontation with the flow of chi will cause restlessness at night. If moving your bed is not an option, place a screen stand in front of the door. Make sure that the screen is as high as the door.

Sometimes, the basement of the house is converted into bedrooms. Generally this is not a good idea especially with basements that has no windows or natural ventilation. Such areas are excessively Yin that is akin to a tomb.

Another feng shui tip is to not to sleep right above your kitchen, especially above the stove. Having the bed immediately above the kitchen stove will cause moodiness and petty irritations.

Bedroom doors should never face each other. This confrontational position will cause the inhabitants of the respective rooms to have misunderstandings amongst themselves.

These are just a few feng shui tips for your bedroom. Look out for the next installment coming up soon!

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