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Feng Shui and Swimming Pools


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Swimming pools and ponds make wonderful additions to a home. Generally having water features in the compound of a house is good feng shui as water represents wealth. Nevertheless there are some feng shui guidelines that you must observe when it comes to pools and ponds at home.

First of all take note that a swimming pool and fishpond needs a lot of maintenance. If you plan to install such a water feature at home, make sure that the water is clean and clear at all times. A pool with dirty and murky waters is extremely bad feng shui, and will bring bad luck to the home. If you decide to install a fishpond, rear some fishes in to activate the wealth chi of the pond.

Another tip to observe is the size of the pool. The size of the pool must be proportionate to the house. The pool must never be too big, as the yin energy will overwhelm the house. Even when the pool is of a moderate size, it is best that the pool is not installed to close to the house.

Pools with rounded corners and organic shapes of preferred over square and boxy shapes. The pool should be surrounded with lots of trees and plants as the element of wood prevents the element of water from being too overwhelming.

Do not stay in an apartment where the pool is located on the top of the building. This is extremely bad feng shui, as the water on top of the building will ‘drown’ all the inhabitants in the building.

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