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5 Feng Shui Tips For the Bathroom


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The bathroom may seem to be an insignificant part of the house, but there are many taboos in feng shui when it comes to the location of toilets. In ancient China, toilets are considered to be bad feng shui. If you look at ancient Chinese buildings, you will realize that the toilets are often located in a separate building away from the house.

In modern times however, an attached bathroom is considered a luxury, and most houses have at least two bathrooms or more. Here are five bathroom feng shui taboos to observe.

1. Never locate the bathroom in the Northwest and Southwest sectors of your home. The Northwest direction of your house represents the patriarch while the Southwest direction represents the matriarch. In the household, it is important to make sure that the farther and mother enjoy good feng shui as they provide for and support for the whole family. If you already have bathrooms in these areas, and relocating them isn't an option, at the very least try to relocate to toilet bowl so that it is not directly located in those sectors.

2. For many of us the toilet is a place to relax. It is also a sanctuary after a long day's work. Having lavish decorations in the bathrooms if the common interior design trend today. One must be careful not to be overly ostentatious in decorating the bathroom. For example, it is inauspicious to decorate the bathroom with luxurious elements such as gold, crystals, diamonds, or anything that represents wealth and prosperity. The bathroom is where waste and water gets flushed away. An overly ostentatious bathroom represents wealth being flushed away.

3. Another important tip is to never place a bathroom directly above the main door. The main door is the most important part of the home and should be kept auspicious. Having a toilet directly above the main door (on the higher floor) ruins the feng shui of your home's entrance. This is a major taboo when it comes to bathrooms. If your bathroom is located in such a manner, you must either relocate your bathroom or the main entrance. This configuration does not only bring bad luck, but also tragedies and misfortunes.

4. Today it is common for bedrooms to have an attached bathroom. In such a configuration, one must make sure that the bed and the toilet bowl to not share the same wall.

5. The most inauspicious part of the WC is the toilet (or more specifically the toilet bowl). The bathroom, where you have your shower or bath, can be big and spacious. The toilet should be as small and as discrete as you can manage. Preferably, the toilet should be located in a different room, separated by a door. This way, you can have the bath area as big as you want and have it decorated as ostentatiously as you want it to be.

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