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Feng Shui For Business? Yes! Feng Shui For a Cubicle? Definitely Yes!

San Dan Yi

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Many people spend long hours at work, but they give little consideration to how their work environment might influence their job performance or general wellbeing. The office cubicle is a very popular type of structure used by companies to organize various internal departments because it is relatively inexpensive and a very effective way to bring uniformity to a particular area. Sometimes a person's ability to decorate their cubicle is constrained by corporate policy or its overall layout is something that, “just happens" over time. No matter what your circumstance may be, there are several very simple Feng Shui cures which may be implemented to improve the flow of Qi (energy or life force) throughout your cubicle's workspace. These Feng Shui cures will ultimately make the office a more healthy and enjoyable place to be.

If you work out of a cubicle or have a very small and defined office space there are three important Feng Shui aspects to remember when analyzing the layout of your work space: The direction your desk is facing, The neatness of your work area and Ways to attract more positive Qi.

The Direction of your Desk

We should first review the direction you are facing with respect to your cubicle's entrance. Your desk and the chair you sit in must face or greet people as they enter through the doorway. If your back is to the door, you will not be ready to meet or be introduced to success and opportunity.

Since most cubicles are usually set up incorrectly, with respect to Feng Shui, there is a strong likelihood you are facing the wrong way and you have been “turning your back" on all of the good Qi entering your workspace. If this is the case you will need to have a clear quartz crystal on your desk. A clear quartz crystal will help crumble and scatter the negative Qi and invigorate the positive Qi flowing around you. Clear quartz crystal can also improve your mental abilities, allowing for greater clarity when dealing with difficult situations and improving your ability to problem solve.

The Neatness of your Work Area

People who work in cubicles tend to post many items, including business notes, phone numbers, and photographs around their workspace using push pins or Post Its. They may also have many personal items displayed in a very tight and limited environment. Lots of clutter is not good for Feng Shui nor is it conducive to attracting and enjoying the many aspects that positive Qi flow can create for us.

These Feng Shui aspects include, but are not limited to: Your ability to have good concentration skills, Your ability to be appreciated and recognized by your superiors and Your ability to properly communicate with others. You may even notice a tendency to have a lower immune system, which can lead to more colds and flu like symptoms. Also, we must not forget that a cluttered work space can lead to mood swings. Deficiencies in any of these areas may have a negative impact on your next pay raise!

It is best to keep your work environment neat as this will only add to the positive outcomes you are trying to achieve in your career. In eastern thought and philosophy there is a phrase used to represent the definition of a well balanced environment. This phrase is, “From within without" or “As above, so below". In other words, your external environment is a reflection of your inner space.

Ways to attract more positive Qi

Now it is time to take a look at how to attract positive Qi and ultimately more financial success into your work space.

Place a frog on your desk, with the front of the frog leaping into your workspace, as this represents money leaping into your cubicle. Remember, we want your frog to leap into your workspace and not out or you might experience the opposite result!

Now place a bonsai money plant on the desk. Preferably it should consist of 3 individual shoots tied together. These plants have become so popular that they are now carried in most craft stores or nurseries. The five green foliages of top of each branch represent the five elements of Feng Shui (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). The plant will help even out any Qi imbalances within your cubicle and begin to attract luck, fortune and wealth.

Try to make these changes in a subtle fashion. Maybe, clean your workspace one week. Then move the desk, or purchase a clear quartz crystal the following week. A few days after you move your desk, add a strategically placed frog and money tree. The flow of Qi will become more vibrant, your co-workers will wonder what happened and you will notice a very positive change in regards to your desired goals.

San Dan Yi

Please visit us at: if you would like additional information regarding the ancient art of Feng Shui.


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