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Feng Shui - Three Steps to Improving Your Synchronicity

Ann Kucera

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What is synchronicity? For our purposes synchronicity is the ability to be in the right place, at the right time, and meeting the right people. It's one of the best feelings, isn't it. Everything you want and need comes easily to you exactly when you need it.

In feng shui, the ancient study of arrangement, one of the tools of feng shui is the bagua. (See below for an image of a bagua). The bagua divides your space into 9 areas - each supporting a different energy. To find the area of your office that supports synchronicity, stand at the door and face in. Point to the right and front of the space. That is where you will activate and support synchronicity.

One of the things I like best about feng shui is that you can always make at least one quick change to an area to get things started. Here are three steps you can take to increase your synchronicity.

  • Declutter. If it doesn't belong in that space, simply remove it. With feng shui, every space counts and aside from a small “junk" drawer you want to have everything organized and neat. Also, stop keeping things “just in case" or - if you are an artist or inventor and need to keep lots of parts - have an organized space to keep those things so you can find them when you need them.
  • Position any furniture to face the door. Couches, chairs, beds, desks, and stoves are best placed with at least a peripheral view of the door. You are most empowered with a view of the entrance to the space. Don't underestimate this. It's powerful.
  • Add an enhancement. Enhancements, or feng shui “cures" range from plants, to crystals, to bamboo flutes. You can also use items of special significance to you and I find these are most powerful. To pick an appropriate enhancement, spend a few minutes thinking about who or what represents synchronicity to you. There is no right answer. Many people incorporate spiritual icons or representations of Jesus, Kwan Yin, or angels. Others who are interested in moving or travel incorporate images or symbols of a particular place. I have lots of plants in my helpful people area. They represent nature and the helpful energy that it provides in my life.

The sky is the limit. Be creative and have some fun creating synchronicity and honoring the helpful people in your life.


WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEBSITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Feng Shui Practitioner Ann Kucera, “The Feng Shui Coach", publishes the ezine; ‘Creating Healing Spaces: Your Guide to a Space that Promotes Health, Abundance and Harmony’. Get more great articles on feng shui and healthy homes at

Ann Kucera is passionate about helping people initiate change and transformation through the use of feng shui. She offers home and office feng shui consultations and is also available for custom designed classes and speaking engagements. Her mission is to transform buildings into spaces where people thrive. Ann began her feng shui studies in 2001 with Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego. In addition she has a Masters in Library Science and over 15 years of experience organizing people, events, data systems, books and homes. She is the Chapter Director of the International Feng Shui Guild - Michigan.


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