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Feng Shui Tips on Selecting the Ideal Location of a House

Henry Fong

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Since Feng Shui is a study of how we are affected by the surroundings, the correct location of our house, where we spend more of our time, is the primary key to having good Feng Shui.

So, just what are the things that we should look out for?

The ancient Chinese believe that the presence of Sheng Qi is crucial to our well being. Sheng Qi means living qi and it is a kind of energy that we cannot see. However we know it is present whenever we a thriving community of flora and fauna. Therefore always look for a place with rich soil and lush rich vegetation. On the contrary, avoid rocky terrains or one where even grass strains to grow!

The next things to look out for are nearby mountains or hills. The ancient Chinese believe that they transport ‘qi’ from a higher level to a lower level. When these mountains or hill meets a flat land or gentler slopes, the ‘qi’ slows and gather. When it meets water e. g. lake or river it stops. Therefore the best place to locate a house is on a flat or gentle slope with mountain or hills at the back, to provide support and provide qi, and with a lake or river in front to stop and to allow qi to accumulate.

This belief is best reflected in the traditional Chinese saying, “Mountain at back, facing water".

According to the ancient sages, ‘qi’ can be dispersed by the wind. Therefore it is better if there are lower hills of the left and right side of the house, when looking out towards the lake or river. These lower hills will provide cover from the wind and prevent the ‘qi’ from being blown away easily!

Now, most of us live in urban areas and it is almost impossible to find the ideal location formation describe above. All is not lost.

Here are some practical tips for urban houses.

The rule on flora and fauna still stands. You should still look for rich soil and lush vegetation.

Since ‘qi’ can be blown away, you should not buy a house that it located at the top of a hill. Such houses are exposed to strong winds and ‘qi’ cannot accumulate. You should also avoid one that it located in a deep land locked valley as there is the danger of ‘qi’ stagnating. Equally undesirable is one located on steep slopes. Besides the danger of landslides, ‘qi’ cannot accumulate on steep slopes.

Always look for one that is located on gentle slopes with a hill or higher ground at the back. The land in front of the house should ideally be lower. It would be great if it faces a clean river or lake. Otherwise an open area such as a playground or field (or even a wide road) will suffice.

What if the land is flat? Support at the back can be in the form of a neighbor's house. Or you can plant some tress at the back, if you have space, to provide support. The trees will also help to accumulate ‘qi’.

The land in front can be the same level as the house but it should not be much higher. You can always stimulate water by installing a water fountain or pond at the front. There is another Chinese saying, “Plants gather qi". Therefore having plants in front will also help to accumulate ‘qi’.

Generally speaking you must avoid houses where the back of the house faces a steep valley and where the front faces a very steep slope.

Again it would be great of there are houses on the left and right to shield the qi from strong winds.

Finally, the home is a place of rest ad should be located in a quiet neighborhood. Do not buy a house that fronts a busy road or is very near a busy and noisy highway!

Henry Fong
Feng Shui Consultant .
Feng Shui Absolutely


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