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Feng Shui and Campfires Dancing With the Fire Element

Ann Kucera

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Feng Shui is the study of how to bring the balance of nature into our lives. In feng shui, assessing and adjusting the five elements (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth) plays an important role in creating comfort, productivity and harmony in our home and work spaces.

At a recent gathering at a campfire, someone posed the question, “Why are people so mesmerized by a campfire?" From a feng shui perspective, we have several answers to this question. First, let's look at pure feng shui theory. Some of the words we associate with fire are passion, integrity, expansion, transformation, and warmth. Just sitting near a fire will bring us closer to the experience of what these words mean. That alone sounds great right? As a bonus, if we look at the Five Element Map, we see something else as well. We can see that fire has a nourishing (or creative) relationship with earth and a controlling (or destructive) relationship with metal. Earth, associated with being grounded, nourished, and strong is fed by the fire. Metal, associated with being judgmental, is melted by the fire. As we gather around the fire, we experience warmth and transformation (from fire), our sense of strength is nourished (fire creating earth) and our judging thoughts melt away (fire controlling metal).

Second, I have my own associations with a campfire. Part of feng shui is the process of becoming aware of our memories and associations with the things in our environment. When I was young my extended family would gather at a cottage in Northern Michigan. I associate the campfire with singing, laughter and community. These were some of my favorite times as a child and any fire I experience these days brings those feelings into the present. You will have your own memories and associations that come into play as you sit near a campfire.

Third, in feng shui we can look at our experiences from an energetic or spiritual perspective. Since ancient times, man has looked at fire as a purifier. Fire is an element that reaches up to the heavens and in many traditions is thought to connect man with spirit. Fire can take our thoughts, purify them and send them up to the heavens. Being near a campfire activates our connection with sacred spirit. The fire allows us to be one with our creator, our self and others.

No wonder campfires feel so good! Whether we look from a theoretical, personal or energetic perspective, a campfire has power. Feng shui gives us a glimpse into the characteristics of that power. To take it to the next step, when you are at home, light a candle with the intention of bringing all of the power and magic of a campfire into your home.

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Ann Kucera is passionate about helping people initiate change and transformation through the use of feng shui. She offers home and office feng shui consultations and is also available for custom designed classes and speaking engagements. Her mission is to transform buildings into spaces where people thrive. Ann began her feng shui studies in 2001 with Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego. In addition she has a Masters in Library Science and over 15 years of experience organizing people, events, data systems, books and homes. She is the Chapter Director of the International Feng Shui Guild - Michigan.


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