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When to (And Not To) Use the Color Red in Feng Shui Decorating

Nik Helbig

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The color red in Feng Shui represents the Fire element. It is the elemental property of the flying star no. 9. The five-element theory is the fundamental base theory in Chinese Metaphysical Studies, one of which being Feng Shui. This theory explains the relationship between the qi of almost anything material and abstract that exists in the Universe.

Based on this theory, the colour red, which represents the Fire element, produces or feeds the Earth element, controls Metal, drains Wood and exhausts Water. Xuan Kong Feng Shui, or Flying Stars Feng Shui, is a detailed study of qi within living spaces. It takes into account direction, space and time.

In this period of time that we live in , which is between 2004 and 2023, the most auspicious star happens to be star no. 8, which is the Earth element. This star is located in a part of the house which you can find using the calculator and instructions on my website. Since this star no. 8 is the wealth star, the idea is to nourish this star by putting in that part of the house, the fire element. The best way of course is to give that room a red or orange or purple color scheme. Enhancing the wealth star brings fortune to the residents living in the home.

Does this mean that we can use the color red anywhere in the home?

Apart from the auspicious star no.8, there are two other flying stars that are earth elements. They are the sickness star no. 2 and the harmful star no. 5. The danger in using red without knowing the exact location of all of these stars is that one might inadvertently activate the harmful stars to the detriment of the residents, since the fire element activates the harmful stars 2 an 5 as well.

One suggestion is to use the seek professional consultation on placement of the fire element in the home, or use the free information and calculator in to locate these stars yourself. It is a relatively simple process which you would only need a compass, the floor plan of your house and the date at which your house is built.

To those pressed for money and time, don't use red in the home. Instead, use yellows and earth tones. This will support the wealth stars while sooth the harmful stars. Also, it will be a good investment to have a mechanical chiming clock installed that can be heard throughout the home. This clock should have a silver or gold pendulum, and its chime should be a metallic “ping" sound. This sound provides the metal element to drain the harmful effects of the inauspicious stars while refreshing the home environment every hour on the hour.

Have fun with Feng Shui and Good Luck.

Nik Helbig is a Feng Shui and I Ching Practitioner. Her father and grandfather were established practitioners from whom she studied and gained valuable experience. More writings and free I Ching, Chinese Astrology, and Feng Shui resources at


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