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Symbols of Health and Prosperity in Feng Shui Terms

Julia Vakulenko

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Good luck coins - giving gold coins that are tied with a red ribbon in threes will bring wealth and good luck to both giver and receiver.

Three legged moon frog - this is a noted symbol of health and good fortune. The three legged frog should have a coin placed in its mouth. Putting this item on your front door facing your house can bring great positive changes to you. This symbol is also known to promote longevity and it is believed to give prosperity as well.

Dragon turtle - this is known as one of the best symbols to have a long and prosperous life. The symbol of the dragon turtle can improve your business and your relationship with your loved ones. You can place this symbol in the prosperity corner of your house while it faces the door.

Golden cat - renowned as the symbol of abundance and protection, this two sided cat is a very unique statue. On one side, the cat is smiling and its left paw is held up, this symbolizes good fortune. On its other side, the cat is frowning and it is holding a broom in its paw. The frowning cat symbolizes protection and it will sweep away trouble from your life.

Golden pigs - the symbol of two golden pigs is said to bring great happiness and prosperity to the house. The golden pigs are usually used by people who are starting their own business or building a new home because it is also used as the symbol of diligence and initiative.

The three star gods - also referred to as Fu’ Lu’ Sou; the three star gods is revered because they represent wealth, longevity, and health.

Bells - this rings out the coming of good news so it is usually placed on the front door. Bells that are small and made from metal are usually used for the front door while ceramic and crystal bells are used elsewhere in the house.

Wealth bucket - this is a symbol of a container filled with coins. The wealth bucket is usually placed in the northwest corner of the house or the office. This represents material wealth. Take note though that it is important for you not to display this openly in the house, instead, you need to place it inside a drawer or cabinet.

Indoor plants - the indoor plant is used as a symbol of wealth potential. It is recommended for you to place this plant in the southeast corners of your house.

Fish - three goldfish that are placed inside a bowl is the symbol of prosperity for the home. It is believed that goldfish are the descendants of the Koi carp which are said to attract good fortunes, the Koi carp is also believed to live up to 100 years.

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