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Feng Shui For a Great Summer!

Fay Chapple

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The summer months are full of fun Yang Energy! Fantastic moving vibrant natural energy that can revitalize your soul after a long yin energy winter.

Experience the joy of colour, natural beauty, invigorating scents and incredible movement throughout the summer months!

1. Balance your fun!

Summer is full of yang activities including entertaining, swimming, sunny days and that go go go attitude! But make sure you add the yin balance necessary to keep you adjusted. Compliment the above activities by sitting quietly in the shade, reading a good book and sipping a refreshing cold drink! Your body needs balance!

2. Summer Keepsakes

Sunshine, laughter and endless nights are the perfect adjectives to describe you summer months! Capture these special moments with photos, a journal describing the sites, sounds and scents of your perfect summer day, or a collection of your favourite sea shells or beach rocks! What better way to relive those yang day energies during the long yin winter. Taking a look at that beautiful sun kissed beach in the middle of February will lift your energies instantly!

3. Going Away?

Leave you home space organized and clean before you leave - this home energy is connected to you no matter where you go so make sure this energy leaves you free to enjoy your trip and come back to a home that is balanced and serene

4. Renting a Cottage or Summer Home?

One of the best ways to ensure a proper holiday is to clear the rental space. Carry a sage smug wand, some incense, oil a bell or a few crystals with you and clear your space once your arrive so that no negative energy from previous tenants remains. If the arrangement of the furniture is not balanced enough for you - take a few picture of what it looks like with your digital camera then change the furniture to positions that make you feel comfortable. Before you leave consult your pictures and move the furniture back - it is always good to ensure you are respectful of another persons possessions.

5. Windows of Light!

Windows and doors are the entrance ways for good energy into your home. Summer is the perfect time to clean them up, fix any leaks or cracks and open them up to let the fresh air in!

6. Boost that Sunshine Chi!

Do you have a window to the east? Encourage good chi for your health by adding a sun catcher in the east window, or a soft rounded leaf plant. You can also use a wind chime here for the same effect. Whatever you do - let that sunshine in!


Fay Chapple is an International Feng Shui Expert, award winning Interior Decorator and Life Coach, and is Principal of the award winning Home & Life Design Firm Blue Avalon.

Blue Avalon specializes in Interior Decorating, Feng Shui and Abundant Living. Blue Avalon is the publisher of The Blue Avalon Journal, a monthly e-zine packed with ideas, tips and insider secrets! To subscribe log on to our site at and you'll receive a bonus book, The Number One Feng Shui Secret That Will Transform Your Life!

Blue Avalon - “Harmony for your home. . . Balance for your life!" -


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