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Feng Shui Your Home For Better Study Habits

Fay Chapple

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Good Feng Shui can be realized anywhere! Even if you don't have your own desk or study area.
The goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment where your child can feel happy, health and encouraged to learn. Their environment can not only help them succeed in school but also can help nature an environment that encourages strong relationships with friends and family.

A child's or students room can benefit greatly by ensuring that it is aligned in the most auspicious way to allow energy to flow freely and nourish their soul. Follow these easy steps to a healthy, happy student space!

1. Clear your clutter - clear your mind!
Clutter creates stagnant energy and pressure. Clutter can make your child or young student feel like they are under constant pressure and overwhelmed. It is crucial that they are surrounded with clear open space that allows their creative juices to flow! So take some time to throw out all the old clothes, outgrown toys, under bed storage overflow and jam packed closets! Create a room to where your child feels light and energized.

2. Your Space - My Space
Do your children share a room? This can be trickily. Ensure that they each have their own space within the room. Separate beds, separate books cases, a closet with a divider down the middle!. Have a lamp beside each of their beds so that if one is a night owl, the other doesn't have to lose sleep with an overhead light on all night! It is not ideal to do homework together (easy to be distracted) so designate other areas they can use (thing dining room table is often neglected and can make a great study area!)

3. Sleeping Directions
A dorm room can limit your bed placement so generally we recommend to just ensure you are able to see the door from your bed. At home you may have the luxury of positioning your bed in a number of different directions. Every one of us has directions that are better for use than others. Check our website articles for YOUR BEST DIRECTIONS! and determine which way your best head (headboard) should face to bring you optimum success, and energy! Sleeping in your wisdom direction can increase your success at school! It is also best if the headboard is placed on a solid wall and that you can access the bed from both sides (avoid pushing the bed against the wall if possible)

4. EMF Exposure
Many children these days have TVs, computers and cell phones in their bedrooms, these devices emit electromagnetic frequencies that can be quite harsh and lead to sleep problems, moodiness and possibly depression. Keep these items at least 5 feet away if possible. Add a tourmaline stone beside every one of these devices to help keep negative emissions in check.

5. Can You See What I See?
Your child spends a great deal of their lives tucked away in their rooms. What are they looking at all that time? Try to keep negative images to a minimum and surround your child with family pictures (for comfort and support), pictures of mentors or hero's to encourage them, and images that are calming to them as individuals. Use colors that encourage positive energies for your child.

6. A Dedicated Study Space
Not everyone has the luxury of creating space in their bedrooms for study. If you have the space, set up a desk and lamp so that your child sees the importance of study - and the dedicated space will convey it loud and clear. If possible the NE corner of the bedroom (with the desk facing out) is ideal. On the south wall display awards, trophies and ribbons that encourage ongoing recognition for your child.

If you don't have the space within the bedroom - Designate a specific area within the home. If you use your dining room table or kitchen table - carve out a certain time that is dedicated to home work without interruption. Carve out a space in the hallway that may be able to fit a small desk, or be creative and hinge a fold up desk to the wall that can be lowered when necessary. The act of dedicated a space will create importance around the habit.

©2008 Fay Chapple


Fay Chapple is an International Feng Shui Expert, award winning Interior Decorator and Life Coach, and is Principal of the award winning Home & Life Design Firm Blue Avalon.

Blue Avalon specializes in Interior Decorating, Feng Shui and Abundant Living. Blue Avalon is the publisher of The Blue Avalon Journal, a monthly e-zine packed with ideas, tips and insider secrets! To subscribe log on to our site at and you'll receive a bonus book, The Number One Feng Shui Secret That Will Transform Your Life!

Blue Avalon - “Harmony for your home. . . Balance for your life!" -


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