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Improve the Feng Shui in Your Home With Five Cheap, Easy, and Immediate Measures

Nik Helbig

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Improving Feng Shui in the home need not be an expensive process. Very often we do not need to pay practitioners to get the benefits of good Feng Shui.

Small home improvement measures are often good enough to bring big gains; without costly major renovations.

Here are five recommendations:

1. De-clutter :

Spring cleaning should be more intensive than just normal cleaning. Throw away things that are of no value or use. Many people keep unwanted items in the house because they fear throwing away things. Don't keep things you don't need. Do de-clutter. Even things in the attic or cabinets that are not needed, can cause clutter because you know they are there.

Getting rid of clutter is a spiritual act of mind clearing, bringing peaceful energy to the home and thus the people living in the home.

2. Paint and Drapery:

If you have the time, check out our website on how to Feng Shui your house with our online Feng Shui Calculator. It is a small bit of effort in studying the subject, but from that you will be able to understand how to use the right colors for each room. This will enable you to maximize the auspicious energy and drain the harmful energies in each corner of the house.

If pouring through a website is not your cup of tea, use the color Royal Yellow. It is the color of the “Yellow Pages". It is the safest color to use in any part of the house. The Yellow color supports the Earth element. This helps the auspicious Star 8, and at the same time calms down the harmful Star 5. If you do not know the Feng Shui numbers in your house this is the best color to use.

If you like orange and reds , please, please, please read my previous article first!

3. Re-Organize and Remove Furniture:

This is especially important for rooms of activity, like the living room. Think about people as water flowing around the room. Place furniture in a way to make smooth flowing water. Remove furniture that stick out or get in the way of the residents in the home.

4. Chiming Clocks:

Ever wondered why in Kung Fu shows there is always a gong in the set?

It is good to have at least one chiming clock in the house. Chiming clocks must be mechanical (either winding or pendulum clock) , and have a metallic ring that goes off every hour. The pendulum is best in gold or silver. Chiming clock bring metal energy to the home. It is calming and effective in dispelling the harmful effects of harmful stars 5 and 2.

5. Music:

The sound of piano or guitar has the same effect as the sound of a chiming clock. This metallic feature brings peace, health and wealth to the household. So it's time to learn to play these instruments too!

Almost too easy, right?

Well it actually is. You don't always need to spend thousands of dollars on a feng shui practitioner. Neither is it necessary make major renovations to your house or apartment. It would be more complete, however, if one takes time to learn some Flying Star Feng Shui basics, which we provide as free information in

Feng Shui in the home is an important factor to build and enhance good wealth, relationships and health. Make it your goal this couple of weeks to make it happen for yourself and family, these little efforts will bring big results over time.

Nik Helbig is a Feng Shui and I Ching Practitioner. Her father and grandfather were established practitioners from whom she studied and gained valuable experience. More writings and free I Ching, Chinese Astrology, and Feng Shui resources at


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