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Feng Shui and Prosperity

Julia Vakulenko

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What is prosperity?

Before you can use feng shui as a tool to achieve prosperity, it is essential for you to know what prosperity actually is in feng shui. Prosperity is the cycle of giving and receiving that circulates in the universe. The inner world that we have is formed through the perceptions we get from the outer world because we see the world only through our window. This is the reflection of our beliefs, faith, and interpretation of the things around us. In essence, our definition of prosperity is the essence of our thoughts and experiences.

A lot of people associate prosperity with material and financial wealth. But the truth is, prosperity can be seen from many angles. Friendship, health, knowledge, love, and spiritual health can also be seen as prosperity.

Getting prosperity

There is only one truth to get prosperity, that is, you must give in order to receive. People who are generous with their wealth or what they have in life will get real riches. This is because the act of giving is prosperity in itself. When you give money, time, effort, and love to other people, you will get inner satisfaction and peace. That, in itself, is the true meaning of prosperity.

How do you deal with prosperity?

When you give something to another person, forget about this act. And when you give something to them, consider it as a gift to them. Don't expect something from them. Try to give from your heart and both the giver (you) and the receiver happy.

There are some sayings about prosperity. For example, if you want happiness, you need to share happiness with others. And if you want to have peace, you need to live a peaceful life. To get love, you must give love freely from the heart. If you want to have joy, then give the joy to all you meet. If you have much, give some to other people. And give a little of your heart.

How is feng shui related to prosperity?

If you understand the meaning of prosperity, then you will also know what to expect when you apply feng shui principles in your home. For example, if you put the three legged moon frog (a known prosperity symbol) in your home, you can expect to attract prosperity in your life. This prosperity can come in the form of good health and longevity as well as financial wealth.

Using feng shui principles should not be seen as the only solution to attract prosperity because the truth is, prosperity can start from the self. You can use feng shui as a means to improve and enhance it.

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prosperity and feng shui

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