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How to Use Feng Shui to Activate Your Career Luck


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Are things going badly at the office recently? Relationship with the boss going down to the drain ? Have quarrel with colleagues and subordinates?

If you have been performing excellently all these years, are hard working, competitive and competent, chances are you are suffering from bad office feng shui. Here is a list of things to check and make the necessary improvements:

Office Feng Shui Tips:

Tips #1. Rule of thumb, are you facing a good directionbased on Kua Number? If not, better change your sitting direction.

Tips #2. Always sit with your back against a solid wall to ensure that you have support in your life, never sit with a window behind you.

Tips #3. Check your desk location. Never face the office door directly or have your back to the door.

Tips #4. Get rid of clutter in your office environment. Ensure having good housekeeping regularly for your desk and computer.

Tips #5. Check your desk layout.

- As a general rule, the left hand side of the desk should be higher than the right.

- The front of your desk should be clear to simulate the bright hall effect.

- A lush money plant can be placed on the SE corner to energize wealth luck.

- Place a crystal quartz on the NE or SW of your desk for work harmony and to improve your popularity polls.

- Place a metal item on the NW corner of your desk for networking luck.

- Place a picture or figurine of a birds, phoenix or horse in the South for recognition luck

- Place a water feature, aquarium or figurine arowana in the North for limitless success in your career.

Tips #6. Check your office surroundings. Look around the office and ensure that there are no sharp edges of walls, computers, machinery or desks pointing towards to you. You can cover the sharp edges of walls with plants. Also look up and make sure you are not sitting under a beam. If you are and are unable to move your desk, place 2 bamboo flutes diagonal to each other on the beam to prevent it from pressing against you.

Tips #7. Place Protective Symbols behind you.

- Place a dragon tortoise for protection behind you.

- Place a mountain painting behind you to gain support from your boss, peers and subordinates.

- Place a rooster on your desk to protect you from office intrigues and politics.

Tips #8. Memorize your good and bad directions.

Remember, you have to be equally willing to work hard and go the extra mile once good feng shui shines your way! Don't forget to also continuously develop yourself in program relevant to your profession by enrolling yourself in training program and make sure your boss knows about your further education achievements!

Source Reference : Lillion's Too feng shui books & website.

Raymond Tung is passionate in feng shui as part of hobby. Visit his website more about office feng shui tips.


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