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Feng Shui and Animals


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As we observe the animal world around us be they pets or animals in the wild we will see what becalms them and what agitates. The animal is especially open to the flow of chi in the universe because they do not use conscious thought. That is to say they do not have the ability to choose what comes to mind it is chosen for them by instinct and environment. The human on the other hand can direct thoughts they can deal with negative thoughts by choice if they are of healthy mind.

Some years ago our family had a pet cat and it was bonded particularly with my daughter. Whenever Helen was on the phone Sheba the cat would side up to her and complain in her ear. This pattern would continue until the phone was hung up. We would watch this antic of this little animal and its view of the world and in my mind I could sense that something was out of balance and out of harmony whenever this phone was answered.

Some years later Sheba was badly injured and I hurriedly took her to the vet. We had to wait for some hour because it was late at night and the vet had to make a special visit. During this time I held Sheba and began to calm the environment around us with a mantra. The little animal came becalmed and although the injuries were quite severe she recovered and lived again. For the animal the chi of the universe was being blocked by a phone call and being invoked and channelled through a mantra. This was no small event as the vet had said she could not live with such horrific injuries.

It interesting how household pets choose the high ground in the house. They get on pianos and tabletops and special places in the house where they are most comfortable. Is this not because they find the energy of chi most present in these spots. Energy, which meets their instincts and environmental needs from evolutionary times? The animal is drawn to what is beautiful and harmonious. The respond to even sacred objects, which are in the house. St Francis the patron Saint of animals is an appropriate choice of saintly shrine in the home They also love small plants and have great attraction to mirrors, which satisfy their curiosity and their sense of harmony for mirrors increase the chi in the environment.

In Friendship Jiaying Lee

Jiaying Lee uses her cultural background and her life coach training to teach practical Feng Shui. She is the author and owner of site and for more free articles on Feng Shui strategies for fortune and life enrichment visit the site. Just click on the above.


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