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Feng Shui Clean Your Clutter Clean Your Mind


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The more storage space you have in your abode - whether it is a mansion or summer vacation, weekend retreat cabin or chalet all the better. Clutter in your home or office is bad Feng Shui. Clutter shows poor attention to detail and follow through. Clutter in an abode to Feng Shui is a cluttered claptrap mind, so remarks organizational expert Riteway “Eyeball" Strokon. Clean your clutter and free your mind up.

If you are going to consider Feng Shui as part of the clutter control mix there are additional elements to consider well. You may improve your clutter factor and yet leave the Feng Shui elements at odds. What to consider?

First of all it can be said that spaces that completely block the flow of the vital energy “Chi" should be watched out and in the planning process prevented. An ounce saved here is a pound well invested. For example full filing drawers may not only block a view, they may also block the flow of new business or friends. Full bookcases may impress others with your apparent worldly knowledge yet block the flow of new information to your mind - allowing your mind to become a closed claptrap. A full bedroom closet may not only prevent you from increasing and improving your wardrobe, it may also result in a blocked ability to attract and add new relationships to your life and lives of your family.

Secondly if you do involve storage units that are hung from the ceiling, these may well work contrary to your wishes - actually creating oppressive energy that presses down on whatever happens to be underneath them - which could well be you in your bed at nighttime, or yourself at your desk attempting to be creative in your artistic pursuits.

Anything stored overhead can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression and even a sense that the world is closing in on you and that you feel overwhelmed.

Similarly shelves over a desk or on a wall beside you can have a similar oppressive effect not only resulting in poor concentration, anger and in the mildest forms headaches that simply will never seem to go away. You can expect more of the same if similar shelving is used nearby a bed or cot.

In some areas a hook on the door will serve as a space saving and clutter helper.

Hooks are good but not if so overloaded that they not only block and area, but even worse if they overload a door to the point that the gateway is loaded down with weight so that it is almost impossible to open. How on earth can you expect vital energy to seep thorough the opening if you yourself have trouble opening it?

In terms of under bed storage. In some cases it may be a good idea. In others not. Bedding materials not being used - say off season in the summer - this can be a good idea. On the other hand it is best not to lock up information materials such as CDs, DVDs, books and magazines under your bed. With all of that valuable information swimming, hidden under your bed you may well find that no matter how many hours of apparently restive sleep you get you never wake up feeling refreshed and may always feel exhausted as if your brain has been on overdrive.

In the end it can be best said - clean your clutter, clean your mind. Just make sure that you pay good attention to the Feng Shui elements. Feng Shui.

Morris E. Brown
Winnipeg Long Stay Hotel
Bridal Shops Winnipeg Manitoba


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