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Boost Your Fame and Reputation

Ann Kucera

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Before we begin, I want to clarify what “fame and reputation" means and why it is important. Often, when I discuss this area with clients they tell me that fame is not important to them and they don't really need it. Their mission is to change the world and they don't really need any recognition for themselves.

We are not talking about fame in the Hollywood sense here. We are talking about the kind of fame that allows people to find out about your services, products and talents. This kind of fame is necessary to grow your practice in a balanced way.

After all, if no one knows about you, it's hard to fulfill your mission.

In feng shui, we use a tool called a bagua. (See below for a link to an image of a bagua. ) The bagua is used like a template and placed over the floor plan of your business, home, or a room. Each area of your space then represents (like a metaphor) an area of your business or life. To find the fame and reputation area of your space, stand at the door and face in. Point to the back and center of the space. That is where you will activate fame and reputation. What do I mean by activate?

Unclutter. First look at everything in the space with a fresh eye. Does it add beauty, functionality or somehow contribute to the mission and vision of your business or life? If not, box it up and take it to the Salvation Army or sell it on Ebay. Even the most expensive items can drain your energy if they do not align with your intention. Replace items that you are “putting up with" with items that you love and that work perfectly.

Position furniture to face the door. You and your clients are most empowered when you/they have a view of the entrance to the space. Desks and seating should be arranged so that people have at least a peripheral view of the space. If you have furniture that is built into the wall causing you to have your back to the door, position a mirror so that you can see the door behind you.

Add an enhancement. “Fame and Reputation" represents your integrity and your passion. Positive energy in this area can lead to unexpected publicity and certainly more referrals from your current clients. To pick an appropriate enhancement for this area, spend a few minutes thinking about how your want to be seen in the world. There is no right answer. Many people incorporate their awards, degrees, or certifications into this area. Other good enhancements are items that represent fire such as depictions of the sun, the color red, or artwork that symbolizes how you want to be seen in the world. I have a large, bright pink tapestry from China in the Fame and Reputation area of my home. It represents boldness, power and beauty to me.


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Ann Kucera is passionate about helping people initiate change and transformation through the use of feng shui. She offers home and office feng shui consultations and is also available for custom designed classes and speaking engagements. Her mission is to transform buildings into spaces where people thrive. Ann began her feng shui studies in 2001 with Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego. In addition she has a Masters in Library Science and over 15 years of experience organizing people, events, data systems, books and homes. She is the Chapter Director of the International Feng Shui Guild - Michigan.


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