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8 Secrets to Good Feng Shui in Bedroom


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Bedroom is one of the most principal regions of the house, and setting up with good Feng Shui can generate a lot of benefits for us.

To start out with, make sure to have a very comfy setting by utilizing some soft colorations that are relaxing rather than empowering because colors that are soothing and sedating can help make very fertile energies. It's realized that our bodies recreate themselves during rest; hence the importance of applying the right colors as we often spend one third of our time in the bedroom.

Lighting, if too much, is reflecting too much Yang energy which makes one too stressed and raw. On the other hand, too little lighting makes one too Yin which is just too passive and solitary. Neither too much nor too little is desirable, therefore, it's best for the lighting to be just right.

It's always a great idea to build the bedroom as much distant and away from the entry as possible. It is well taken that setup like this will give us the feeling of a good reserve, stability and security. Some school of thought in Feng Shui says that having the bedroom near the main entranceway is bad, often times we don't have too many choices - so please follow along as I'm sharing with you some other key points so that you can rest assured to fully employ your own personal space to its utmost advantages.

Never put the bed too close to the window on the other end of the wall because the bed often needs “static" positioning rather than “dynamic" setting. Always sleep with a headboard because it provides you with good and solid back support when you sleep, regardless of how the bed is located. Sleeping with the feet toward the door is one of the bad signs according to Chinese culture. Positioning in this fashion is often equated to that of the deceased when the body is to be carried away feet first. Feng Shui practitioners believe that it's better to have some objects serving as foot-board to block the way.

Always avoid creating clutters as they hinder the flow of energy. No piercing corners are to be poking out pointing to any direction either as they're considered to be like “poison arrows" which are always negative by nature. It it's too out of the way or inconvenient to do anything about such “poison arrows" just adding some “brown" color objects near them will help to nullify their harmfulness.

Once More, always aim to “de-clutter. " Often times we are hindering ourselves physically and metaphysically with so many outcast items that “stand in our way" and they're to be cleared as soon as possible.

Physical items can have the memory of past events and so take those memorial items out of the bedroom especially those that remind you of some unpleasant experiences. Ensure to have no objects that carry with them some negative memories or vibrations in the bedroom as the bedroom is always considered to be the “headquarter" of the house. Always put only those things around your bed that remind you of fond memories and good experiences.

For those who are single they will find that setting up the bedroom and its items in pair can heighten the chance of meeting the long-awaited lover. For those who have their loved ones to share the bed, always ensure to work together as a team to make the bedroom a place in which you both will feel ecstatic being there. This is your own space and don't let anyone enter this space so easily, or else problems will arise that are linked to your love affairs.

Never put a mirror close to the bed as it's going to be bouncing energies back and forth, be they good or bad, which is just not ideal for the bedroom area. Putting it as far away and out of sight from the bedroom area as possible so that it's not that easily seen from the bed.

Stick With these secrets to create the best Feng Shui in the bedroom and you will find life so much more enjoyable with things flowing smoothly for you.

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