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How Can My Fireplace Affect My Health?


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Many people love the look of fireplaces in their homes. Having a fireplace creates a warm, inviting feel that makes visitors feel at ease, and creates a centerpiece that enhances the décor of any room.

Although fireplaces are usually good for your home's energy, there are a couple of situations where having a fireplace can actually drain the positive energy of your home, and create an environment that can foster poor health.

This can happen when you have a fireplace that is located in the center of your home. Your home's center is the most important area for maintaining positive energy and good health. This is because the energy in this area affects all of the other areas in your living space. For this reason, it is vital that the energy in this area be kept as clear as possible.

The center of your house represents the center of your body. Having a strong element of fire in this area is just like having excessive heat running through your body. Having a fireplace in the center of your home can create a sense of exhaustion throughout your living space. It also affects your adrenal glands, and can weaken your immune system.

Obviously, if you have a fireplace in the center of your home, it is not practical to move it for the sake of improving your home's energy. However, there are a number of feng shui techniques you can use to stop the energy drain.

First, you can place a water feature, such as a small table top fountain or a fish tank, near your fireplace. Including the water element in this area will help to balance the energy created by the fire element.

If it is not possible to place a water feature near your fireplace, you can use objects that represent water, such as paintings or pictures of seascapes, rivers, lakes, or waterfalls. Hanging these pictures over or near your fireplace will help to improve the energy throughout your entire home.

You can also use black colored objects to represent the water element. Black planters, vases, and statuary placed near your fireplace will help to build positive energy to support your family's good health.

Hanging a mirror over your fireplace, or placing one in the surrounding area, will also bring in the water element. Using a mirror near your fireplace will stop the drain of energy, and you'll notice that your whole house just feels better.

Another area that is not ideal for a fireplace in terms of health is in the middle, left area of your home. This area also represents health, as well as family. Having a fireplace here can result in ‘heated’ family issues or over-activity in the body (such as high blood pressure, over-active thyroid, etc. )

Once again, the key is to balance out the fire energy with the element of water in the same ways as mentioned previously. Since this area is also associated with the wood element, you could also add some wood here - some ways to do that would be to bring in a plant or some flowers, a picture of flowers, plants or trees, or simply something that is made of wood. You could also use anything in the colors of blue or green.

It is important to take care of your health in any way that you can. If you have health issues and you happen to have a fireplace in either of these two areas - you'll want to consider these recommendations. They really can make a big difference.

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Linda Binns is author of Feng Shui for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better Relationships. She has been a Feng Shui Practitioner, Author, Speaker and teacher for over 10 years. She has appeared internationally on television and radio and in local publications. Linda is also the founder of The Feng Shui Success Institute - which teaches in-depth Feng Shui training and practitioner certification.


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