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Art Work Guidelines And Feng Shui

Leah Quinn

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A lot has already be said about art work and how it effects the Feng Shui and Qi of you home. These guidelines have been used for many many years, but at times, you may not realize that some of your own art is bringing you not the right kind of energy into your home that you actually want, and hence into your life.

To ensure all is well and that you are creating the right kind of Qi (chi) in your home with certain artwork, I have created a short list of guidelines to follow which can help you achieve the growth and happiness Qi you wish to have in your home.

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow when you want to enhance good Qi to enter and be welcoming in your home, bringing you happiness, health, opportunities, good news and wealth.

  1. Have a family photo of everyone together placed predominately in your home, make sure everyone looks happy in the photo.
  2. For single women who seek more love in their life, make sure your art work does not show a lone woman in your art work. I recently removed a beautiful picture from my bedroom since it was a single woman, albeit a gorgeous print of a European Princess, it is not auspicious to have this in my bedroom, as since I am not married, - yet. The same goes for single men, try not to have lone figures of men. With this sort of art, you are sending out a sign to stay single. So photos of couples happily together is what you should seek to have hanging in your home.
  3. If there is a photo, picture, painting in your home that you do not like, say it reminds you of your least favorite uncle, remove it. You will be amazed at how quickly removing said picture makes you feel better, you no longer have to look at the thing that brings you to have negative thoughts.
  4. Any photos that seem to show negativity - I recently also removed antique prints from a children's story “The Pied Piper" And though they were incredible hand-painted illustrations from a well-known artist Kate Greenaway, since the prints showed fear on the women's faces as they ran from the mice, I knew it wasn't auspicious to have in my home. I have since sold them on E-bay for a good sum. Who knew?!
  5. Don't keep family photos placed faced down in storage as you are ‘symbolically’ pushing down their energy by doing this.
  6. Nor is it good practice to keep photos and pictures under your bed, for the same pushing and blocking of their energy by keeping the photos there.
  7. With the age of the digital camera, we now have so many photos, many more than we can ever actually use. Good practice is to remove any unflattering photos of yourself and of others immediately. Doing this once a week in the many folders in your computer, will ensure, that you end up with only beautiful and happy looking photos of your friends, family and self. This in turns help bring only happiness to you and your family and friends.
  8. Keep a happy looking photo of yourself on your alter, dresser and one of your mate should be placed here as well. Also include a photo of the two of you together very happy in love. This will also help keep the two of you together, and also helps keep happy energy entering into your relationship.
  9. Have a picture of many birds - the more the merrier, especially of a phoenix bird is extremely auspicious. Have this hanging in your living room, bedroom or when you enter your home is excellent to help bring into your home many good opportunities and always good news.
  10. A picture of mountains, with moving water is also extremely good to have behind you as you sit at your desk. It is said you can also have these sort of picture placed anywhere in your home, as the moving water is a symbol of wealth growth, and the mountains reflect stability and support from both coworkers, family and even bosses when used in the office.

Art is an excellent way to help create the symbols and images needed to help bring in good Qi to you, your family and your home. Art in particular has been used in Feng Shui practices for centuries to help the energy of a home be improved, and the subject matter in particularly, can be used to further enhance a certain corner or wall to bring in more happiness and wealth into your life.

And though there are so many symbols and interesting images once can use to enhance the Qi in the home, starting with these simple guidelines listed above, will be a good start in ensuring the current art work in your home reflects the positive Qi (chi) you want in your home.

Leah Quinn, a multi-media artist and writer whose work specializes on food, health, feng shui, and self-improvement.


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