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Feng Shui Fridays - Great Day For Refreshing Qi in Your Surroundings

Leah Quinn

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Did you know that Friday is the day for many who follow Feng Shui, who believe is a great day if not the best day for renewing Qi (chi) in your home and office by ritual cleaning and de-cluttering? It is also said that Fridays are perfect days of the week to do weekly incense rituals and singing bowl cures.

Last week on a Friday morning, as I passed a local Chinese Restaurant and a Nail Salon, I witnessed employees in both places were washing the windows and cleaning. It reminded me of the importance of Friday rituals, and felt others should know how effective refreshing Qi (chi) on Fridays can be.

For some of you who are new to Feng Shui and its many uses and practical tactics in creating better health, and happier home and an abundance of riches, it follows a lot of the ‘Laws of Attraction’ so many of us have already heard about. And doing weekly chores and rituals on Fridays enhances these effects in refreshing the Qi in your home and office.

Applying Feng Shui to your home is not just all about de-cluttering your home, throwing out stuff you no longer need and keeping your home clean and having certain ‘totems’ placed in certain corners though. In fact, Feng Shui is a lot more than just about cleaning, it is about your mind set that you have while doing these tasks that ensures the success in renewing the Qi (chi) in your home.

Some people wrongly believe you have to have white walls, and a super spotless home for it to be ‘feng shui', I am here to tell you they are terribly wrong. You could do all the cleaning in the world in your home, but if you are not using the right mindset as you go about your ‘chores', the desired effect of good chi can be affected furthering effecting the amount of good will you wish to have happen to you and in your home.

Once you understand these simple rules, and the importance of having the correct mind set, you will find it not only easier to go about in applying the feng shui practices to your home and office, but once you start, it overflows like a domino effect, into all areas of your life. You will be amazed.

Believe you me, I did not believe this at first. But, not only do I see good changes in all areas of my life, I am finding easier week by week to ‘attack’ the areas of my home that need to be re-visited or cleaned. I further can tell and am a lot more sensitive now to when the Qi in any room feels a bit stagnant. I then set right away in curing and refreshing the Qi.

So to have the right mindset, it is easier than you would think. Simply the objective is to have a clear mind and while you go about doing your ‘chores’ to have the mindset that you are removing any bad Qi in your home and replacing it with good refreshed energy and Qi. For example, as you sweep your kitchen floor, remind yourself simply that you are removing stagnant Qi (think the dirt) and replacing it with refreshed Qi.

We all know now that it is about the balance of Ying and Yang, but when a room is leaning more towards one side, a mis-balance can occur which can help bring undesired results such as added bickering and sickness. It can also literally wipe out any good energy and make you feel extra tired. And no one wishes that for themselves! We all have enough going on in each of our lives, that adding tiring energy is simply not worth it.

Friday's Feng Shui Rituals:

Here are just some of the ‘rituals’ I follow every Friday to create refreshed Qi in my home. I suggest you try some of these and you too will see a difference in your home, in your energy, and in the over all Qi of your home.

I also suggest, washing your hands before and after completing the tasks below as well. As you wish to be clean yourself as you approach these tasks. It really only takes an hour of you time once you get your tasks down to a fine pattern, but the effects of refreshed Qi will last all week. So take a few deep breaths, relax and know deep down, as you start to work, empower yourself with the thoughts that you are removing any stagnant Qi and replacing it with refreshed Qi.

  • Now that the warmer weather is here for a lot of us, take the opportunity, to open your windows in the morning when the sun is ‘young’ in the sky, when it is fresh ying energy. If you do not have windows that will allow fresh air to completely go through the room and out to the outside, turn on a fan on low, the whole point is to allow fresh air and sunshine into the room.
  • Preferably at 6am or 6pm as it is said this is the best auspicious time, do an incense ritual to cleanse the air. Again, open your windows, light incense and walk around clockwise at least three times in each room while citing blessings and prayers for the people (and animals) that live and enter your home and office. Allow the ‘smoke’ to reach all areas of the corners in your rooms as well as moving the burning incense in your hand around in a figure ‘eight’ or infinity sign as you cite your blessings.
  • When blessing, cite anything that you wish to change in your life, such as ‘I bless this home, all my family and all friends who enter with much prosperity, health and great happiness. These good things come to us now’. Mind you I may not be awake at 6am, but I find this ‘cure’ to work at any time the room needs to refreshed and on any day, not just on Fridays. - Of course this is the time to remember those ‘Laws of Attraction'! They really do work!
  • Before you start cleaning, turn on all the lights and open windows. Put on your favorite tunes on the radio or stereo to get yourself feeling refreshed and to put yourself in the right mindset to bless your home while refreshing the Qi.
  • Sweep, vacuum and wash your floors. I have wood floors and use a 50/50 ratio of white vinegar and warm water with a couple dashes of sea salt. This cleanses the floors energies while also effectively cleaning the floors without harsh chemicals. The added sea salt really has an effect of the Qi of the floors. I was super amazed how the entire rooms felt after doing this for the first time, I am now hooked!
  • Remove all garbage from all the cans in the house, clean our your refrigerator of any gone bad food, remove all junk mail that has inevitably piled up by your front door.
  • Do a quick look around to see if anything can be passed on to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill, place them in a bag and get them outside your home and on their way to donation.
For some, these tasks can seem daunting, but as I have mentioned before in my articles, break down the chores at hand into smaller 15 minutes tasks so that when the ‘smaller’ chore is completed, you too will feel complete.

As you finish, remember to wash your hands, remove any garbage collected and remove it from your home. As you now look around your home, you will feel refreshed for your weekend. You will feel more love inside and in turn will be able to give more of yourself to others. Not only will your house look better, but you will have refreshed the Qi (chi) in your home and you too will see the effects of better health, more happiness as well as wealth and career luck being enhanced by these Friday Feng Shui Rituals.

Leah Quinn, a writer specializing on food, health, feng shui, self-improvement and entertainment is a multi-media artist living in New York. Feel free to stop by at to read many of her other articles and feel free to visit her food site to learn about healthy and interesting recipes at


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