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Feng Shui - Then and Now

Julia Vakulenko

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Feng Shui traces its origins back to ancient China. Around 6,000 years ago, feng shui, which literally means wind and water, was discovered. It is used as the technique of optimizing residences to attract happiness, prosperity, and abundance. At that time, the farms and villages in some parts of China were placed in the folds of mountains so that the people, their crops, and their animals can be protected from the harsh environment and be nurtured by the streams. The people who used this principle prospered and became powerful leaders in China.

But it is also interesting to note that while many people benefited from feng shui, it was one of the most highly guarded secrets of the ancient Chinese Imperial Court. They believed that it was so powerful that the masters were not allowed to release their knowledge to any outsiders. Anyone who knows the secrets of can have a very powerful weapon with them. Thus, the knowledge was only handed down within families, from fathers to their sons. The history of turbulence of China only reinforced this inclination for secrecy and some principles might be secrets even today.

Over the years, the principles were refined by learned scholars to produce better results. Right now, it is heavily used for urban planning, architecture, interior design, and the placement of various objects in the environment. Feng shui also influences the choice of layouts, materials used, colors, and the building structures of residences around the world. The rules of it allow people to develop the ideal environment to live in.

The use of feng shui principles has become very popular in recent times. This may be partly due to the increasing Western acceptance of Eastern beliefs. In addition, many of the beliefs have also proven to be true throughout the course of history. Wherever you look, there is proof that the principles are accurate and reliable. It is no wonder that some design principles of feng shui is heavily relied upon as a guide to build a harmonious and happy home today.

What is important to remember though is that the whole essence revolves around chi. Chi can either be energy, matter, or both. Thus, chi can be visible, partially visible, invisible, or partially invisible. Feng shui is the study of chi distribution on a particular location but the distribution of this chi can also vary in time. A clear understanding of the five elements of including fire, metal, earth, wood, and water, is important because everything around us is basically just a combination of these elements. Some combinations of these elements are good while some are evil; understanding feng shui will enable you to find out which combination is best.

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