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Your Questions Answered About Indoor Water Fountains


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It's becoming more popular and “cool" to have an indoor water fountain in your home instead of just in large business lobbies. However a lot of people have questions about the best way to do it, what are the issues to think about, etc. We hope to answer some of the more common questions in this article.

Will I get water splashed on my floor?

Typically no. If the fountain is setup properly they are specifically designed not to splash. Splashing and water spilling would occur in the following instances: fountain is not level, it is accidentally bumped by someone walking by, the water level is maintained improperly.

Are they noisy? Do you have any tips to keep the noise level down?

As a general rule you should only hear a gentle flowing of water, but some people are more noise sensitive than others. You can reduce any water noise by putting river rock in the bottom which can also help reduce any splashing issues. If your pump is noisy then it probably isn't fully submerged, so be sure you have it 100% under water so there is no air flowing through it.

Is the ongoing maintenance difficult or time consuming?

Generally no. Every indoor water fountain will have instructions pertaining to its care requirements. You will need to wipe it clean once in a while and keep the water level at the right spot. Water will evaporate through natural use so you will want to refill the levels approximately every time you water your house plants.

Do I need to use distilled water or can I use standard tap water?

Either option is fine, although standard tap water will likely cause some staining and mineral build up over time. This can be unsightly and could cause some calcium deposits on the motor later on.

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